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    Has anyone compared performance of the RTX 2080 Max-Q vs a regular RTX 2080 or RTX 2070?

    From this link, the RTX 2070 is about 15% faster than the RTX 2080 Max-Q overall. Is that performance difference similar in Enscape (specifically VR)?

    The only RTX 2080 laptops are very large and power hungry...

    Hi Kaj Burival, thank you for your reply.

    I was also interested on updating the Atmosphere; thank you for the instructions!

    I am looking to add multiple 360 photos into the Revit/Enscape environment at specific locations in the model (representing the actual condition). As an example, here is how Bluebeam Revu attaches 360 photos to PDF plans.

    I've attached a mock-up of the '360 photo link' that would be visible in Enscape and Revit. The person navigating the Enscape model (either via computer or VR) would be able to click on the icon, and would view a 360 photograph.

    This would be useful for my workflow because I could insert in-construction or finished photos, and can view it directly from within the Enscape model. It would allow for a simple side-by-side comparison.


    Is there a way to have a computer screen display the Enscape model independently while the VR headset is being used?

    For example, a user would be exploring using a VR headset. On a projector screen, I would like to display a rendered scene from the same location as where the VR headset is located, however the view would not move if the VR user tilts their head. The rendered scene on the projector will be controlled independently of the VR headset, using the computer mouse to look around. It would be great if the projector would show what the VR user is seeing, such as the pointer laser, and HTC Vive wands, etc. And vice versa: the VR user could use the computer user's cursor.

    It is similar to having multiple users in the same VR model, however one user is using a screen, mouse and keyboard.

    Is there a way to connect a 360 photograph (taken with a 360 camera, such as Ricoh Theta, Samsung Gear 360, Panono, etc) into the Revit/Enscape model? I'm envisioning a user walking around in Enscape using VR, and would have the ability to click on a link to open a 360 photograph to view an 'actual' condition.