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    I tried forcing re-syncing of offline assets, but that didn't work. Neither did rolling back a release or forward to a preview release. I gave up and spent hours duplicating all the RPC trees with new ones from the Enscape asset library.

    I am also having this problem. Phil's response didn't help, because we're not trying to mix RPC and Enscape assets. The automatic substitution of Enscape assets for RPC trees is not working correctly. Also, unchecking the option does not bring back the native RPC for me either.

    I've been working with the same Revit project for several months, and it has been upgraded with each release of Revit. I keep my Enscape version up to date as well. So I'm currently running Revit 2023.0.2 and Enscape 3.4.0+84039 with NVIDIA Studio Driver 516.94.

    As recently as June 2022, I always used to see the Enscape trees automatically substituted for the native RPC ones. Many happy little trees. I am confident that something has changed with regard to RPC trees in the most recent release of Enscape. None of my trees appear at all in Enscape, although they do show in the corresponding Revit view. RPC people still appear, but no trees. Just sad naked topography.

    I've tried toggling off and on the "Replace ArchVision Content" option in General Settings -> Revit and restarting, but interestingly, that doesn't seem to do anything at all. I've also tried deleting all the new site context stuff, and that didn't change anything either.

    I think this is a bug. Or am I missing something?