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    If your computer doesn't have HDMI interface means in most of the cases your GPU video is not a good one for Oculus Rift or any VR glasses

    Si tu computadora no tiene entrada HDMI significa en la mayoria de los casos que tu tarjeta de video no es la ideal pata Oculus Rift o cualquier lente para VR

    I got my lumion license a couple weeks ago. ( ialso use Vray/corona with max) Enscape is realtime and Lumion use GPU to render....It could take from few seconds to few minutes to render one image... The asset library is over 5000 objects but to me the only ones with decent quality are vegetation/people/animals....Furniture are not very good...Lumion is expensive but I still like it.

    To me the value of Enscape is during schematic design/design development to visualize my design in realtime and see it thru those vr-Glasses .....good tool to sell your project and chat with clients in front of the computer.

    Lumion- If I don't have much time and I need decent still renderings and animation.

    Vray/Corona ...after use both previous renderings and I need high-end visuals.

    These images were done in Lumion. (1st time using it)

    fbx seems a standard . The benefits to me of having an editor is huge because one could transfer existing high-end libraries into the enscape world for all the apps. Sometimes you work schematic design in Sketchup and then you jump in revit so the workflow is not for one app.

    If I create an assets in this editor (high-poly) I could make my dummy objects for sketchup (massings) and see them in full detail in enscape but the most important potential benefits is companies like evermotion can start creating assets specifically for Enscape regardless of the platform.. It will work in all the host apps.

    I'm considering get a Lumion license only because I could generate quick presentation base on the asset library but Lumion is not realtime.

    i have licenses of many render engines (vray, corona, finalrender, maxwell, Random Control, Octane) ....and I already spent several thousands in libraries for 3ds max over the years.... In my opinion, Enscape is becoming an standard and having that power of making assets is going to speed up the process and the decision of many firms to get more licenses.


    The idea to use proxies is excellent but since Sketchup has some limitations using a lot geometry, Revit and Archicad are for documentation so the libraries are optimized and they have to be low polygon as well.

    My question/request is…If enscape can have an independent application to import geometry, applying materials and then generate libraries for the host app. So technically we have an editor to generate universal assets that can be used in any host.

    I saw in youtube a video showing a library in sketchup are billboards (2D) but in Enscape are 3d plants.( I can't find the video )

    I'm wondering if anybody here know what library I'm talking about?



    .. there are low-end users like in any 3d software. If you pay attention about the host applications (Revit, Sketchup, and Rhino) what they have in common is they are for design and those users can now have a better tool to visualize their ideas with almost zero learning curve.( so you can focus on design.)....Enscape is getting better and better but it has a niche and they are positioning to be the "tool" there.

    Unreal is trying to take that market for all the vray and corona users with Datasmith and soon with a version for SketchUp .(the low-end program and by the way a lot high-end architectural visualization companies use as their principal modeling tool over 3ds max )

    Any comment from Enscape team?

    I'm considering moving from Autodesk products to ArchiCAD and for sure I would like to use Enscape with Archicad besides Sketchup