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    Sounds like you are using the preview version, in which the video editor doesn't work currently. It's in the release notes of the alpha.

    If you don't want surprises like this, you should stick to the official releases (2.9.1 is the most recent one).

    preveiw version or not shouldn't matter ,each version they have had a record of adding features, not taking them away.. im using current version

    Furthermore I can't even seem to load a video path from an older saved project.

    Demian Gutberlet is replying to everyones forum post but skipping mine for some reason... the last week here i have asked very important questions and the whole team keeps ignoring them.. I also made a question about Video textures, asked why they are not showing in enscape and if there was a maxium size allowed.. and i get no response from the team... this week i ask simply if they removed Create An Animation in Video Editor and they don't even respond... these are basic questions that should have basic resolutions..

    Furthermore I can't even seem to load a video path from an older saved project.

    Hello Esncape Team, was the options to create a video animation removed from the video editor and or removed from entire enscape? I can not find anywhere to create a scene.. and pressing K does not do anything anymore... please help! thank you!

    Hey Enscape team and community I am having many issues trying to figure out how to get the video textures to work... can the Enscape team make a slate of new Help Videos on Youtube using the most recent version of enscape so people aren't so lost all the time?.. I am having issues with the video textures not showing and also the only image i get in sketchup always is distorted either too big or too small.. i have to resize in the material section of sketchup but it doesn't help much and it never seems to fit in the picture frame or tv correctly.. and then it has never shown a video in enscape from the video textures.. no mater the size of the the video it does not show.. tried turning off the RestMode but that doesn't do anything the video still doesn't play.. what are the approved file formats such as mp4 and m4a and such? Please help! Thank you so much! also does it mater the size of The Video Texture file? can you please make video in english that shows how to correctly and efficiently make a video texture for a tv using the most current version of enscape.. thank you! Happy New Year! :thumbsup:

    Demian Gutberlet Thank you soo much! How about instead of making it standard.. how about making it where people can simply choose a resolution for the shadows of "Enscape Object Lighting"for example Low-Medium-High option inside of the Enscape Objects Tab? I believe giving us options like that will make people like with me with high end pc (Rtx 3090, i9 9900k, 64 GB of Ram, 3TB SSD, 38" Alienware AW3821DW 3840p x 1600p monitor) ?

    best,8)8)8) :thumbsup:

    its not the housing.. the cylinder sconce is as circular as any circle is and is smoothed... the lighting issues happens with ALL "Enscape Lighting Objects"!! The way they cast shadows has always been extremely jagged.. with all the updates Enscape has done over the years you'd think they'd be able to fix a problem that has been present since they originally founded this program... shadows from sun has been tremendously improved... but shadows from their OWN Lighting Objects Are Very Low Resolution as they are always extremely Jagged!!!

    i am using Sketchup Pro 2020 here's a quick video of a house i designed using sketchup pro2020 .. there you'll see at 3:23 there sconces on side of the hall way downstairs.. and you can see that the light i looks very jagged .. and does not look accurate... please help!!!!https://linksharing.samsungclo…Ytb4PpXiLKWYa74y1ZueXGFcw

    Please don't link other threads just to say their is no fix!... the Enscape team has done a tremendous job with improvements over the years! And it does seem that each new version and even preview versions are getting better and better... but an issue that has NEVER EVER been fixed is the horrible Jagged Edges in shadows!.. no other real time rendering program does that.. you'd think softening shadows would don it but it does nothing.. all shadows coming from light source look like a chain saw!!! the natural light from sun has improved immensely and looks spectacular! but all non natural lighting from any light source is very jagged and looks sloppy! wouldn't the easiest fix just be to simply have the light be in the simple shape of what ever the light source is? you guys are brilliant coders and have alot of experience! PLEASE FIX!!!!! Also can you PLEASE make the light source you actually call a sphere an actual sphere? please! that would probably help with the jagged edges as well! THANK YOU!