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    Hi Manuela,

    I had a bit of trouble with this to start with...

    you have probably got this by now, but the clip below shows how it works..

    Thought i would post this quick clip….. bump clip

    Bump maps and other settings may be “Basics” to some… to others they need to ask the question as I did a couple of weeks ago….

    Basically just play with the settings as in the clip until you get the desired effect

    ps; forgot screen capture was recording the music... may want to turn sound off:)

    We scan the building with a Matterport camera and use the OBJ export for modeling. We also use Matterport for online showcasing final products, as seen in the link below.

    Example link

    (click video on page to walk through the 3D space)

    just an idea - when using octane render in skectup - i can just rightclick on any component and then select a proxy.

    it would be quite nice if the same could be done with enscape.


    you can turn componants in to a proxy when working in a model ??? Enscape needs this :thumbup:

    Web server for models would be amazing…

    I wonder if the Enscape team realised it would be a new revenue stream for them they might get it up and running quicker:evil:

    During a completely different thread a solution for lower spec machines came up. 3Dvista works with pano exports from Enscape, (more of a workaround than a solution I suppose)

    standalone file 3Dvista

    screen record of using 3Dvista standalone

    its all a test run to see how it works so model has had minimal work on it and the 3dvist was thrown toggether to see if it actually works with enscape....

    Thank you for the example.

    Thank you for the links. Looks very good. Only one feature I miss - doe's it support stereo panos?

    Just had a quick play with 3dvista, it does support stereo pano and its quite easy to use.

    Standalone output looks ok and it doesn't require a computer with the same spec as enscape so can be used on any computer or laptop which is a big bonus.

    The first link is to the standalone file from 3Dvista, all pannos from enscape using sketchup. OBJ of building and then stairs designed in model.

    3Dvista standalone

    second link to a screen recording from my laptop while using the 3Dvista standalone if you dont want to downlad the file.

    Video is awful but you get the idea

    screen recording

    its all a test run to see how it works so model has had minimul work on it and the 3dvist was thrown toggether to see if it actually works....

    I've had to do something like this in sketchup.. so not sure if this works the same way in revit or if its the best way to do it? but it worked for me :)

    I created the grid as a separate model and then just used the proxy settings to add it to the main model (keeping the model light)

    below is just an example, no real work put in (you can download my dxf of the grid here)

    seperate model of grid for proxy

    proxy in main model

    what enscape shows

    Thanks for all the advice on making the timber more realistic :D

    Ps vista looks pretty cool, does anyone have an example of a walkthrough with enscape Pano ?

    can get the prices when im back in the office tomorrow,

    Flexijet and Matterport are different beasts… We use matterport to compliment Flexijet,

    The link below takes you to a space created with matterport for visuals and site documentation, within the space you can download the .dxf measurements from flexijet. (curved doors) We do this for a number of contractors, helps with pricing and safety as less people required to visit site.

    ref space

    I've had one for 3/4years ... Bit more than a Xbox hack :D

    With all of the new scanners about it may seem like a convoluted way of working but as you only scan the points you require it makes post processing a breeze..