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    I have been using Enscape on Revit 2023 since it came out and this is the first problem I have really had. Since yesterday, out of the blue, I am not able to continue editing the Enscape assets in Revit. I had recently just done a few updates for Revit and am not sure if there was something in the Update that is causing this issue.

    I have all of my Enscape assets in a separate workset for ease of filtering on documentation and keeping a clean model. While being in the proper workset and having the worksets editable, I am not able to edit any of the Enscape assets, both existing and new. Every asset that has been placed in the model has previously been edited (rotated / scaled). The other issue I'm seeing is that whenever I try to move an asset or copy them, even with constrain on, the asset changes in the z direction. I have checked the workplane and it is set to my ground level on a horizontal datum so that doesn't seem to be the issue.

    When I pull up the live-render Enscape window and click on the "Asset Library" button, the only edit commands for the asset that is grayed out is the rotate tool. I'm assuming this is a new issue because I have never noticed this button being grayed out before and when hovering over the button it states, "Revit does not support all rotation axes for Enscape assets".

    Anything helps.