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    Great renderings! Really shows how much different HDRIs change the atmosphere of the project.

    With 2.5 the grass rendering distance will be increased! We're aware, that the current output doesn't provide very far reaching grass.

    Further, would you be so very kind as to also send us a closeup shot of the corresponding walls in Enscape itself? In addition, you may of course also gladly send us the project for troubleshooting purposes. :)

    I figured out the problem i was having with the reveals. I had the wrong material mapped on them. Thanks for the update of the grass distance, looking forward to that!

    Hello All,

    These are all from Revit 2019 with the current preview version of Enscape. It took a bit of trial and error to get the lighting to work right, but I found the trick was to play with the sun brightness and Skybox brightness. Toggling on "use brightest point as sun direction" then toggling it off and adjusting the sun to be just past the horizon really helped as well on the sunset / blue hour images.

    The first image is quickly color corrected in Photoshop, but the rest are all raw renders.

    Does any one know of a way to get the grass to render further away? The tree lawn in the foreground looks especially bad on the day render.

    There are also some weird highlights in reveals of the walls, not sure how to fix them without the use of Photoshop... They are small 3/4" deep v-reveals. Perhaps enscape is having a problem with the small scale of them at this distance. Below is a close up of part of the wall.


    When exporting still images enscape is generating a pattern in lights. Restarting enscape will fix the issue though sometimes it will just appear in different part of the image. On the 2nd image the pattern is on the interior wall, while on the 3rd image it ended up in the parking lot. Identical scene and settings.

    One thing I've found is making sure the resolution is set to "window" prior to launching enscape greatly decreases the chance this happens, vs starting enscape with the custom resolution settings. Using a narrower FOV and more parallel light sources make the pattern more frequent.

    These images are on the current preview version 2.4.19023.1003 for Revit, but It also happens on the non-preview build.