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    Would really love to see the placing of rectangular lights if possible. That is the most difficult part I think. I think you can post a screenshot of the placing of the rectangular light......That would be brilliant. Thanks again for your support. :)

    Simply Amazing..... I really like your work......and again the interior lighting with ambience ......superb...... I think you should do a tutorial about interior lighting :):):):)

    Amazing Renders.....Very inspirational. Can you please help me is to how you achieved such beautiful uniform lighting in the scene. I am still struggling with interior lightings......Thanx

    Amazing as always.....The render is not just a still image but this really brings life to the photo. I still am not able to manage with the proper lighting's for interior images. Every detail really worked well. Can you please have some tutorials like mostly interior lighting which makes it look so realistic.....:)

    Hi Friends,

    I am really awed by the development of enscape and how easy and efficient it is to render scenes fast and effectively. I know your development team is working real hard to fine tune the software. But I would surely like to see some added features in them.

    1. Control over diffused lighting in the scene. (Ambient lighting) . Most of the current light either wash out the interior scene or they give hard shadows. You should try to introduce diffused ambient lightings.

    2. It would be really great to export the images in different layers. Like reflection layer, refraction layer etc. It will help many users to Fine tune for Post Production.

    I am really happy to see the development of Enscape so far and I am sure it would be the most favored rendering software very soon.

    Good Luck to you all.