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    When I take a screenshot render I'm now getting an additional 4 shots exported which I don't need (alphaMask, depth, materialld, objectld). My computer has also started crashing, seemingly as a result of these additional renders :(

    I've never exported these additional images before so not sure why it's happening all of a sudden - any ideas on how to fix it?

    Many thanks


    Great, I was looking at the Nvidia GeForce RTX 370ti and have had quotes for the same card but the below 2 slightly differing specs. Which would be better in your opinion or is there not much in it? Both come out at the same price...

    1) intel i7 with 16gb RAM

    2) intel i5 with 32gb RAM

    Hi Demien

    Thank you for coming back to me, unfortunately I don't think my laptop is powerful enough so I'm going to have to buy a new computer. Can I just ask one more question before I do...

    How often do your system requirements change? I.e. if I follow the spec for the Nvidia graphics card, as detailed in your system requirements (or perhaps a little higher spec than requested), then will this see me well into the future or does it keep changing? Once there is a new graphics card requirement does the old graphics card stop working or does it not work like this?

    Sorry if they're stupid questions but I don't really have any experience - rendering and graphics cards are all new to me!

    Hi there

    I'm having problems with Enscape/ Sketchup and the programs have been crashing a lot recently and creating bug splat reports. I contacted Enscape and they told me to download the latest version of Enscape and also to upgrade my AMD Radeon graphics card using a specific link that they sent me. I've done both and now the problem is worse, I can't open Enscape at all. I was at least able to use it before these updates.

    I have a huge amount of work to get through and am getting quite stressed. Any suggestions on what the issue is and how to resolve? I'm using a HP Envy laptop with Ryzen 4000 series 7 processor and AMD Radeon graphics card if that helps.