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    Daniel SchuesslerKaeferle

    Maybe you'll kindly be able to answer the above for us?

    All the best,

    Demian Gutberlet

    Great to see you've pushed the beta to official release in the roadmap, we have enjoyed testing the BETA over the last few months.

    We are however keen to understand how you came to the decision to charge the same monthly/yearly fee for MAC as for Windows, yet the MAC version lacks the video export option which is, in our eyes, the most desirable feature for our studio. I know most others feel the same way too through speaking to our peers.

    We're happy to pay the full whack, but before we sign up to paying this fee I'd love to have some honesty and clarity from you and your team on when video export will be released for Mac - I know lots of people have asked on numerous occasions, ourselves included, and I know we'd all appreciate knowing the roadmap here. For example are we looking at the next 1-2 months, 6 months, or longer. Clarity on this means a lot at this stage as we prepare to move forward with potential implementation of this software.

    Very much look forward to gaining some clarity here for ourselves and all Enscape users.



    Demian Gutberlet Thanks for clarifying that. Great to hear another update is imminent and that the latest Mac OS is supported. Was a nightmare having to downgrade last week.

    Can you share the features which will be added to this update ? It’s nice to be kept in the light somewhat as to the roadmap of these and future releases :)

    Here’s to praying animations will be supported soon - I’m sure every other user will be feeling the same.

    All the best,

    Hi I've just started using Enscape and I love it!

    However I've come across a problem in the last couple of days - enscape was working fine for a day or so before it suddenly stopped working for my sketchup 2021 file. I've updated my Mac's software and have tried restarting, redownloading and even copying and pasting my model into other files and it still does the same thing. Enscape will begin to start however as soon as it loads the file it will just suddenly quit and turn off. This has happened for the last couple of days and I don't know what else to do.

    Any suggestions?

    Hi ellie1013 … Enscape doesn’t work with the latest Mac OS. We recently updated our software too and everything stopped working. We had to completely wipe the hard drive and re-install the previous Mac operating system. Was a total pain, but it all worked fine after doing so.

    Maybe Enscape will fix this in due course, but I think by Demian Gutberlet generic reply; there’s no fix in progress… Demian Gutberlet - please correct us if we’re wrong?

    Hope that helps.

    Also, SandyCohen , the Open Beta version of Enscape for Mac should be available and useable until its full official release. Further, since we also plan on reworking the Video Editor it is one of the features which may be added a bit further down the road to Mac as well, but again, there is not much I can add at the moment.

    Thanks Demian Gutberlet ... curious to know how we extend the BETA when the countdown ends... Currently when we log in we get the 'X amount of days left on the trial' prompt... Is this a matter of just signing up for another trial or another method?

    RE video editor: We truly hope this will come soon in the roadmap, as it's really the feature which we are patiently waiting for... and one which sets you apart from other programs right now. Looking forward to hearing the progress as and when. :)


    You can add a skybox in the 'Sky' tab in Visual settings.

    You'll find it under 'Horizon' and then 'Source'... hope that helps.

    Hello Alexander Devaykin  Rick Marx

    Can you kindly tell us when you envisage the video editor being added … ? And also importantly when will the MAC beta officially end, or will it stay live until the full release is ready?

    It would be great to understand a bit more about the timeline for the development / updates so we can plan the incorporation of this software into our studio. Any indication here would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks,



    We also get this bug whereby you have to restart SketchUp to use Enscape.

    This occurs every time for us when you close Enscape whilst using SketchUp, and then to re-open Enscape again you have to restart SketchUp.

    Rick Marx

    Thanks for the reply Rick. That is a shame, but we understand re: the tech limitations. Hopefully these will reduce overtime.

    Is the EXE standalone export like for like ? This is currently disabled in the beta so we can't test this ourselves...


    Hi Demian Gutberlet  Alexander Devaykin

    We're having great fun playing around with Enscape beta, the results so far are really encouraging and we're eagerly awaiting the release of the video editor and the asset library...

    We are however having issues with the Web Standalone upload...

    Curious to know if you're aware that the Web standalone upload on the BETA doesn't show the same material qualities and lighting as what it does in Enscape / SketchUp. We were hoping when you upload to Web standalone it would be a like for like - so you can prep the model within SketchUp / Enscape and when you want to show a client you could upload to the Web Standalone and they'd see exactly what we've created....

    Are we right in assuming this should this be the case?

    The main problems we see are the below...

    We have various metal materials which show perfectly within Enscape main window, but when we use the Web upload they don't crossover, they show as dark grey / black.

    The issue with the lighting is unfortunately even worse, the web standalone version is totally different to what is setup in SketchUp + Enscape. The Web version lacks any atmosphere and is quite dark in comparison.

    The same issue for video textures - they don't play when uploaded to Web standalone.

    Also - as a bit of feedback, disabling WASD is quite frustrating indeed. As a MAC user on a laptop these keys are positioned perfectly for moving around the model, using the arrow keys is not user friendly. It would be great to have an option to enable WASD.

    Is there a roadmap planned for the above fixes?

    In the meantime if there's something we can do to avoid the above happening going forward it would be great to know :)



    Hey Enscape team + Demian Gutberlet

    So we're getting issues when rendering 360 mono panoramas at 'high' output ... we've noticed flecks at the bottom of materials as shown in the attachments.

    This isn't reproduced when we render 360 mono panoramas at 'normal' output, the image is perfect. This also isn't reproduced when we render normal 'screenshot' images. They come out perfectly too.

    Our rendering quality is set to 'ultra'.

    Any idea what the cause of these flecks on the materials are ?



    Hey Demian Gutberlet and Rick Marx ... just curious to know if this feature is still on the Enscape agenda? Currently testing the MAC beta and feel like 360 video export would be a incredibly valuable addition.

    This thread is nearly 2 years old and it hasn't been implemented yet, but understand there's a roadmap and this may not necessarily be top of the list.

    Would still be great to know when we can expect to see this, if indeed at all :)


    Demian Gutberlet

    Thanks for the quick reply. Appreciate it a lot. ?

    One further thing you could possibly help with is where the ‘mono panorama’ saves. We get the ‘baking’ progress bar and it seems to do what it should do, but when the bar reaches 100% the image file is no-where to be seen.

    We’ve designated a folder to save images to in the settings, but despite this the file just disappears somewhere. We’ve run searches on the MAC to find all files which have been created today, and it’s not there.

    Any ideas ?

    Demian Gutberlet

    Hi Demian. Great to see the beta up and running ?

    Can you kindly let us know when the video editor and the asset library will be available on the beta? Having access of these features would be really beneficial to us being able to feedback, as this will be the main output for us.

    Also I’ve noticed the only enscape objects available at the moment are the spot and the rectangle lights - any idea when we’ll have access to them all, specifically the ‘sound source’…

    Very much appreciate your time on this and look forward to hearing back - with hopefully some good news ?


    Hey all - great to start using the MAC beta finally. Looking forward to really start testing the power of this software when all the features are available.

    Few questions for anyone who would be so kind as to answer…

    - Does anyone have information as to when the Video editor will be available on the beta? It’s currently greyed out and this is really the main reason we want to explore using Enscape.

    - The same question for the Enscape asset library feature.

    - Now Enscape and Chaos are part of the same company one would hope VRAY for Sketchup and Enscape Sketchup would work seamlessly, however we’ve noticed some materials don’t carry over at the moment, same for Vray lights. Hoping this is in the pipeline for Enscape but would be great to hear if anyone knows more on this…

    Cheers all :)