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REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.

    I've been using Enscape for Archicad (Mac) for 14 days but there is a feature I didn't tested:

    When you modify a material with the Enscape material editor it modifies the material inside archicad, at least the texture. But when you are using materials from an Archicad BimCloud library does the material change too when you edit in the Enscape material editor?

    If the material is modified in the BimCloud library I suppose when you open another project the materials would automatically change and when start Enscape there's no need to change them. There is a feature called batch import that I don't know if it works combined with a Archicad BimCloud library

    I would second the request for SOME sort of update on this front. We use Archicad on Mac- not going to switch to PC in the near future, not going to go to another BIM solution.
    I feel that you all have gone "dark" on this matter. If you could give some update it would be very helpful. We can certainly be patient within reason, and I realize these things may take time. But I'd much rather have an update and a statement of "it's going to take longer than we anticipated" than just putting a "coming soon" tag on it indefinitely. That's really unproductive for a company that is trying to make software decisions.
    I know we can sign up for the newsletter- we have done so. But it's been close to year now since Enscape for Sketch on the Mac came out, and all the other Mac users have gotten is a generic "we are working on a version for your software" statement.
    I'm not trying to give you all a hard time- but I think you should know that as an end user (or a hopeful one), there is a degree of frustration with an open ended "coming soon" statement and no parameters to define what the time table MIGHT be. Consider putting something out there please- I get it if there are setbacks or you are finding its bigger undertaking that you had anticipated, but really some peak behind the curtains would be much better that a "sign up for a newsletter" (that has no news relevant to this particular issue) canned response. Honestly I have yet to even see a newsletter in 6 months, come to think off it.
    My candid feedback to this approach is that it is not setting the framework for a good relationship with your potential user base.
    Just feedback to consider. Thanks for reading.

    At least, we have news for the Enscape plugin for Archicad: there are no plans to release such plugin.

    Hi, any news or timeframe for archicad macOS plugin for Enscape? Is really that plugin in development? No news or clues in the forum or the newsletter. M2 and M2 PRO/MAX are out and there's a bump in the GPU horsepower of ARM Macs.

    Ir will be very useful know more about the timeline, development, release of plugins (archicad, vectorworks, rhino), and the rest of features ro match win version.

    Sounds promising :)

    The first thing I did was looking for the recommended Specs,

    but was happy that M1 Macs / Apple ARM were listed.

    So that should not be the reason for crashing.

    Sketchup was not installed so Enscape didn't start. Now I'm running it with a sample downloaded from Warehouse. The IQ difference with Twinmotion is overwhelming: real time reflections, real time GI. Waiting an archicad plugin so much.