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    It's great to know Enscape is now beta for Mac users! Thanks to the Enscape team!
    I've got an issue when I open a large file, Enscape won't work. Nothing will show in the Enscape window.
    And some files just work perfectly. But sometimes SketchUp feels heavy or crashes, not stable.
    I find out Enscape is not using much GPU on M1 Max. (By iStat Menus)
    SketchUp 2021 (21.1.331) + Enscape works in Intel64, not ARM64. SketchUp 2022 works in native ARM64, I feel it is smoother. (By Silicon info)
    Maybe when Enscape can work on SketchUp 2022 with native ARM64, will it be able to get faster? Or more combined with the M1 ARM system?
    Hope Enscape will work smoothly on Mac soon. I'm a Twinmotion and Lumion user on PC, and I'm going to start learning Enscape for my MacBook right now!

    MacBook Pro 16 / M1 Max 64GB-RAM / 1T-SSD / macOS-12.4