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    Hi Guys,

    Awesome software, just a suggestion, no doubt it been requested before, but just the ability to save Sketch-up scenes as camera views in Enscape would be fantastic, If you wanted to showcase a couple of parts of the model, to have a side menu with some views to click on would be fantastic.



    I kinda follow the Logic, but why does it stop in the exe too?. Surely that should be a continuous water animation. The stand alone exe would be the focus when your trying to present your work to a client, there wouldn't necessarily be a reason to have a CAD program running in the background. I agree that an option for continuous water animation or none would be really great improvement to future releases.. It looks great when it does animate. :)

    I'm not sure I follow the logic here?,

    the water needs to animate consistently, not just while your moving?.. If it's a power thing wouldn't it make more sense to have the animation static while your moving and animate when your not moving. To have the water animate when you putting the most stress thru your GPU moving the camera around the model, and still when your not makes no sense with regards saving power?

    To be honest it looks like a bug more that intentional?..

    Other than that it's pretty friken awesome software, from what I've seen so far..