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    Thanks a lot for sharing this with us.

    I'm very afraid, there is no ETA just yet regarding when this will be resolved, we're still trying to figure out the cause behind this behavior - if there are any news soon I'll get back to you all.

    No worries.

    One solution for another user in my company was to uninstall Enscape, delete the AppData Roaming folder (e.g. C:\Users\ini\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\Revit\Addins\2020\ -->Enscape folder), and then installing Enscape again.

    They had it working like normal again with

    I have experienced the same thing, Revit does not freeze, but it's like an invisible prompt blocks the access to the UI.

    A temporary workaround for this, instead of ending the task and losing work:

    1. Make sure the Revit window is your active window (by Alt+Tab / selecting it in taskbar)

    2. Hold the Alt key to activate keyboard shortcuts in Revit, release Alt when numbers appear over the panel and quick access bar

    3. Press whatever number Synchronize has (default is 3)

    4. Press the Enter key to synchronize again.

    Doing this should break the "stuck" window.

    Hope this can help those who need the 2.8 for now.


    With the Oculus Rift S there is a pass through function which lets the user see the real environment through cameras on the headset, like an AR function but without any other input than what the cameras see. Would it be possible to make use of those cameras to be able to "hold" the model in your hands, or place it on a table, scale the model, twist and turn it, etc?

    Would be a very useful feature if possible.


    Hello there.

    When exporting renderings/images, architects at my firm often want shadows in a different file than the actual model. Mainly for presentation work in Photoshop, for example.

    Would love to see a possibility to export the shadows only. Anything that might happen in the future?

    Thanks for a great piece of software otherwise!