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    Is there a setting or way to keep the preview window at the same ratio as the capture setting you're working with, so you're always seeing the exact frame of content to render?

    I spend a lot of time working on a laptop on the road and so have the annoying task of working monitor-less with both a semi-minimized sketchup window and preview side by side, but if I change the preview window I currently see more of the model instead of the window zooming in or out at the same aspect ratio as per the capture setting, i.e. 1.6:1. Upshot is its very difficult to set final views or you end up working on content you don't need.

    I missed have missed a setting somewhere but can't find anything and it seems something very important!

    Opened some older files and realised the reflection maps and I think bumps were missing from quite a few materials, if not all. Then when trying to relink them, I just get a 'format not supported' ! Has something changed with the latest preview release that is causing this or have you actively prohibited any file types??

    Kinda of biggy as it's screwed nearly all my models! ;(

    Hi all,

    After a few months break from modelling and cgi playing, I decided to give an automotive speeding/motion type shot a go. It's not a difficult as I thought, but getting angles and compositing meant a bit of to and fro without an option to change the skybox to a flat back plate to get the correct angle and perspective straight off. Could this potentially be a consideration for the future for people just modelling one or two things into an existing photo?


    I have done this now, but again to be sure, when hitting save in the sketchup file drop down, does this or does it not save the visual presets to the current running preset file? i.e do I need to save my model file and then also save my presets everytime I adjust them?

    I will go away after this :)

    Ok, I admit, I'm desperate for my first 'showcase' or 'proud' post but I have hit some big stumbling blocks still. That said, I am loving what you guys are doing with Enscape and I love using it, possibly for not what its designed for, but I've made a decision to stick with Enscape as commercially, your pitch (cost and workflow) suits me very well.

    Anyway, help!

    I have 2 current issues, 1 with transparent materials, and another question I maybe kow the answer to but need validation and/or advice.

    1. Transparent textures;

    How do I achieve an actual frosted or textures transparent finish to a material. Or maybe I'm asking for semi-tans? Everything I do doesn't retain a frosted of high refractive effect? See badly marked up render noted B. Further to that, looking at the front view vs the rear, theres lots of reflection from the interior on the rear shot which shouldn't happen, but the front is fine? I've applied the material finish to a group or component and not a surface so this shouldn't be an issue still, no?

    Second question, speckles or pixelation of certain areas of surfaces. I as many have experienced this with other software as lighting issues or under-rendering? Is there a term for this? It happens a bit in small areas and I want to k ow what I'm doing wrong to cause this.

    Front shot attached for reference of transparent finishes to shot what i'm looking for currently.

    Appreciate any help from you all!


    p.s. anyone know a good sub div plugin other than Nat Zappia's and the Tommos (?). Specifically for curvasive automotive modelling. Thats bonus right now though :)

    Just to confirm, once you create a preset, a native save in sketchup will update those presets so there is no need to save the preset update seperately?

    Yeah, I've just found this by clicking on the presets tab, doh! Totally missed that before and don't get to use it as much as I want.

    Am I mistaken here, but I thought doing away with the visual settings file save and load function meant that the visual settings stayed native to the working file itself?

    I have several projects on the go at one time and after working on another, I went back to another one to find all the visual settings have changed to the last file I worked on, basically ruining what I had done on other files before. Surely this is not the case or have I missed something?

    I'm hitting a wall (in several ways!) with textures at the moment and I may be missing something but where or does everyone use for their texture resource?

    I have used sketchup texture club in the past which offer the HQ ones with bumps etc but for large coverage they don't seem to cut it as they're too focused and therefore way too repetitive. increasing the scale just throws them way out of context. It's like most textures I have found focus on high res for a small texture, not a large area.

    Am I getting something wrong in enscape or are there better resources for this? What does everyone else do?