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    yep it would be great to have some meadow style grass like TwinMotion got ...

    for now : try to buy some cool looking and quite low poly grass and with skatter you can make meadow like grass today ....

    The crash happens indeed somewhere deep inside AMD driver in our lighting pass. We have seen it on a few feedback logs from other users with the new generation GPUs from AMD at least with Rhino and Revit. Unfortanutely we could not get any of those GPUs to have a deep look ourselves yet.

    Do you have artificial lights in projects you work on?

    well i am working on exteriors with daylight so dont think so / right now i am back with my old nvidia 1080ti so i just pushing my brain to remember /

    btw : if you want i can help you with debugging , just send in PM

    hmm i overlooked one big detail 1080 is with or without Ti ?

    because thats means how many V ram you have , i have 11 gb of ram and i never reach V ram limit with enscape / twinmotion is oppossite site of story - crashing all the time /

    so can you pls check how many V ram /or system ram / it takes to enscape load your scene ? maybe this is a problem but still i dont get that whole "blackout" of your pc .

    last what my thoughts are , check your system ram for errors . i think windows it self got some ram test buildin .

    well it points to power loose to me , what PSU are you use for your pc ?

    for me i have x399 platform with amd threadripper 1920x cpu , 32 gb of ram and nvidia 1080ti /yes i got new amd rx 6800 too /

    with two monitors and when i saving even FHD image res my powermeter from the wall peak around 450 watts but i have 750 watt seasonic PSU .

    enscape can dig much performance from GPU in expenses of power , mine is from gigabyte and i can hear that coils squeaking ... /its normal /

    or your MoBo have some power limit or power protection /maybe/ adjusted in bios ...

    what is exactly your video card ? /brand name , number /