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REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.

    When using Sketchup and placing enscape assets, I usually like to switch over to the select tool after placing an asset so I can then very quickly move/ rotate the asset. I do this via hotkey (spacebar). This causes a bugsplat about 7/10 times. Pretty awful for workflow, wondering if anybody else has this issue.

    After installing the new Enscape 4.0, I've encountered these problems:

    Enscape Video Editor Workflow issues

    Enscape Asset Library Workflow issues

    Within the video editor, whenever I'm editing keyframes, specifically adding timestamps to the keyframes, they become de-selected after playing back the video to see if my edit was appropriate. While in workflow, this requires me to find the edited keyframe manually, which takes enough time and is annoying enough to where I feel justified in making this post. I'm working on a video that is about a minute and a half long, which is a very light workload for my job, and finding the keyframes manually is easy enough but I can't help but think this would be a real headache on a bigger project in crunch time. Take a look at this and let me know if you see what I mean.

    The issue I'm having with the Asset Library is within :sketchup: Sketchup, which is just that the Asset Library doesn't have a separate window for itself anymore. So it's annoying when I have to click the tiny button on the tools bar to bring up the library again instead of tabbing to it like I've done for a couple years now. This I'd probably just have to get used to but this is a pretty minor/major change in workflow that I'll have to adjust to after this update, which is slightly frustrating.

    All this to say, if these changes are deliberate, I would just hope that you guys are putting in some conscious thought as to how this effects the workflow of the people who use the software everyday for work. It might seem small, but it's something I wanted to bring to your attention.

    The video editor thing is especially problematic and I think is a mistake/bug.


    Just tried out Sketchup's new(?) VR Trimble connect feature with the new Meta Quest 3 headset and it works nicely. It features Trimble Connect, which to my understanding is like a cloud that you can upload your models to, then download them on the headset, which you can then take on the go to presentations or meetings wire-free.

    Was wondering if Enscape had anything in the works similar to this? It would be tremendously helpful in meetings and presentations to not have to fire up the headset and laptop, connect via Quest Link and then fire up one of the executables. Instead, just firing up the headset straight into an executable standalone Enscape file would be a dream!

    Let me know! Thanks.

    Hi! :)

    Currently working through some trouble with the VR feature on Enscape using a Sketchup model. The headset we're using is the Meta Quest 2. I think I read somewhere that Enscape doesn't officially support this headset, but people were still able to make it work via Oculus Link. We've gotten as far as being able to walk around the site in VR, but the quality is very very poor. Grainy, fuzzy, and hard to look at. I don't want to make anybody sick while walking through a work site so I wanted to know if anybody had a fix to this? Been messing around with oculus specific settings, enscape settings, without success.


    I've come across an issue with creating custom assets from sketchup models in Enscape. Whenever I normally create an asset, I load it up and some materials (specifically the backside of materials like under the hood of a car or the interior of a car) is 100% see-through, as if it weren't there at all. Anybody have a fix to this? Maybe I'm doing something wrong?

    Also is there an easier way to scale the assets? Maybe my default scale settings are off, but they come in 100x the size of what my original model is.

    Let me know!:sketchup::)

    The VR headset we're using is the Oculus Quest 2. The resolution is great on it's own applications but whenever we jump into Enscape, it gets very blurry and choppy. It's easier to look at up close, but still not great. This isn't a unique problem to any specific model. Every file/job I've tried has had the same issue. Not sure if it's a problem through Sketchup, Enscape or the headset itself.

    I've messed with visual settings like CA but nothing seems to change.

    Any advice on this would be appreciated, thanks.