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    It really is painful to work on getting textures into Revit for Enscape.

    Whenever I try I end up doing one Material per Map, doing the 50%50 offset workaround, and sometimes - for reasons I can't explain - also having to mirror the texture in Photoshop. Even in 2020 Revit seems to insist on starting the map face centered. That said if your Flags are Flat Polygons you might try to crop all the Flags from your Multitexture in different pngs/jpgs, setup a testmaterial in Revit and adjust to fit, then copy that x-times and exchange the different Flag images. On top of that Revit doesn't like surfaces that are one-sided (check backside of Flag ?). If not make them thin solids...

    A way to keep basic control is to take the measurements of the surface/Flag and set the PS file with according resolution (i.e. if Flag is 200/500cm set your maps to 400/1000 pix or some multiple)||

    This really is more painful then it has to be...

    I understand now the Y and Z Axis are swapped and can create a circle for the camera path with constant Y value, using the xml.

    However no avail in keeping the Focus to a fixed point - resulting in a shaky movement every time.

    How is the "look at" value calculated ? This appears to be a point based on the Camera origin; setting it to 0/0/0 does not work.


    <?xml version="1.0" ?>
    <VideoPath version="1" durationSeconds="12.3879" easingInOut="1" shakyCam="0">
    <Keyframes count="13">
    <Keyframe order="0" fieldOfViewRad="1.57192">
    <Position x="0,00000" y="150,0000" z="150,00000" />
    <LookAt x="0,0000" y="-7,5000" z="-7,5000" />
    <Keyframe order="1" fieldOfViewRad="1.57192">
    <Position x="75,00000" y="150,0000" z="129,90381" />
    <LookAt x="-3,7500" y="-7,5000" z="-6,4952" />
    <Keyframe order="2" fieldOfViewRad="1.57192">
    <Position x="129,90381" y="150,0000" z="75,00000" />
    <LookAt x="-6,4952" y="-7,5000" z="-3,7500" />
    <Keyframe order="3" fieldOfViewRad="1.57192">
    <Position x="150,00000" y="150,0000" z="0,00000" />
    <LookAt x="-7,5000" y="-7,5000" z="0,0000" />
    <Keyframe order="4" fieldOfViewRad="1.57192">
    <Position x="129,90381" y="150,0000" z="-75,00000" />
    <LookAt x="-6,4952" y="-7,5000" z="3,7500" />
    <Keyframe order="5" fieldOfViewRad="1.53702">
    <Position x="75,00000" y="150,0000" z="-129,90381" />
    <LookAt x="-3,7500" y="-7,5000" z="6,4952" />
    <Keyframe order="6" fieldOfViewRad="1.55447">
    <Position x="0,00000" y="150,0000" z="-150,00000" />
    <LookAt x="0,0000" y="-7,5000" z="7,5000" />
    <Keyframe order="7" fieldOfViewRad="1.57192">
    <Position x="-75,00000" y="150,0000" z="-129,90381" />
    <LookAt x="3,7500" y="-7,5000" z="6,4952" />
    <Keyframe order="8" fieldOfViewRad="1.57192">
    <Position x="-129,90381" y="150,0000" z="-75,00000" />
    <LookAt x="6,4952" y="-7,5000" z="3,7500" />
    <Keyframe order="9" fieldOfViewRad="1.57192">
    <Position x="-150,00000" y="150,0000" z="0,00000" />
    <LookAt x="7,5000" y="-7,5000" z="0,0000" />
    <Keyframe order="10" fieldOfViewRad="1.57192">
    <Position x="-129,90381" y="150,0000" z="75,00000" />
    <LookAt x="6,4952" y="-7,5000" z="-3,7500" />
    <Keyframe order="11" fieldOfViewRad="1.57192">
    <Position x="-75,00000" y="150,0000" z="129,90381" />
    <LookAt x="3,7500" y="-7,5000" z="-6,4952" />
    <Keyframe order="12" fieldOfViewRad="1.57192">
    <Position x="0,00000" y="150,0000" z="150,00000" />
    <LookAt x="0,0000" y="-7,5000" z="-7,5000" />

    Feels like the simplest thing to do - how do I create a smooth "fly" around my city model so that it loops (Turntable animation/circle path)

    Enscape camera path does the strangest things, zooming in and out on its own if you set 4 keyframes.

    Even when I move my model to the Revit origin and use the corners of the Revit view cube it doesn't work.

    Also trying to edit an .xml file did not work.

    What is going on here - is this my stupidity or a major flaw in Enscape ?


    Thanks Arno- very much appreciated - imho these files should be under the download section, maintained by Enscape.

    ../Support/Free sample Projects... (And maybe replace / add to the RPC test file )

    As Arno states " I like the workflow to open up a file select the assets that i need and copy them into my project.

    This way i work way faster then going through the asset library menu each time." - makes sense to me.

    Sorry this seems to be a simple question, but I can't figure it out myself:

    I`ve built a family based on "conceptual mass" and put some Asset people in there.

    Link them to the geometry so they move with the geometry (think elevator floor).

    This works well inside the family file , however when I load the family into a fresh / empty Revit file, the Asset people only show white/rough triangulated geometry.

    What am I missing ?

    Thanks !

    Love all the new assets but it is hard to keep track of all the changes happening with each release.

    For humans I can place all of them and figure it out - but with plants/trees it gets really hard.

    Proposal: Can you provide a file that just has all assets in it and is always up-to- date ?

    Just like the (outdated) one in the download section basically...

    Or maybe someone can script it: Place one of each (People, Vegetation....Vehicles)


    Understood - but these also were Assets from the Enscape dropdown before...

    I am using the new ones but revisiting older projects to replace all the lost ones is quite an effort...

    If you add new ones thats cool but once they are placed I would hope they would stay then when newer versions of Enscape are released...

    If I need more people now, are the axyz-people the right ones to fit those you have as assets ?

    Thanks for looking...

    Is there a way to retrieve the people placed as Assets in previous versions of Enscape ?

    Businessman 1,2,3, Business Hipster, Young man etc... they don't show up in Enscape anymore when I open my refit file from a couple of weeks ago...

    (They show up as geometry in revit still but don't render )

    What to do ?