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    1. use a skybox ( white dome is good )

    2. use IES light

    3. If the scene is only the kitchen put some panels behid camera

    4. Good material is gold

    This is a kitchen i made for a client :)

    Hello everyone,

    I'm making my won libray and i love it, but there is any way to change the name of materials?

    Thank you :)

    My asset creator was useful when Enscape didn't have their own solution. Since Enscape 2.9 Enscape has a great custom asset creator that's much better then my editor so I recommend you use the official one instead (it's what I do as well).

    There a few updates to the official asset editor in beta right now that will make it even better (you can download the preview and test it out yourself).

    The only thing I still miss from my asset editor is being able to see the statistics (placeholder polycount, gltf file size, texture file size) because that was very handy to QA/QC.

    I wanted to use yours because the enscape editor always creates out-of-scale models for me, even a simple chair, exported with blender, when I import the model in Escape, is huge!

    Hello Pieter can you please provide a direct link? I can't download using bitly liks :(

    Thank you !