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    ezuziak I'm sorry to hear that! I feel your frustration for sure. I just know that Enscape has a lot of catching up to do on their Mac platform. I would also recommend emailing Enscape support, although you may not be happy with the answers.

    suguru I have tried that a few days ago, and still awaiting an answer. Thanks for the encouragement.

    I too am experiencing frustration with multiple crashes and the lack of functionality of the Mac version of Enscape+Sketchup. I downloaded a custom asset collection from TurboSquid as a OBJ file. It was expensive. In the Enscape Asset Library, There is no path for adding custom assets. What am I missing? Is this a feature that is not available on the Mac version of Enscape for Sketchup? That is a critical flaw. If we as Mac users don't have access to importing custom assets into the Enscape Asset Library, then I have to ask the very serious question "Is Enscape even the right rendering software for me?". Why would I even buy this program if it lacks critical functionality that other rendering softwares offer?

    I am still waiting for an answer to this question that I have asked in multiple threads. Crickets......

    Please help. We have real deadlines, on real projects. Us Mac users are running out of patience. Thank you.

    I downloaded the Mac Beta (Sketchup) Enscape plugin and am testing it now on my MacBook Pro. I do have a couple questions...

    1. When will the Enscape Asset Library be available for the Mac (Sketchup version)?

    2. I noticed in the Visual Settings "Atmosphere" tab, there is no place to add a Skybox image, like the Windows version has. When will this feature be added to the Mac version? It's a very important feature to load site specific Skybox photos as background imagery.

    I look forward to your reply.


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