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    Renderchoice, have you made any progress on this? Did you determine if all your copies of Enscape and your video drivers are the same version?
    This sounds like the same issue we are facing. An office full of people using Enscape. The same file has different results on different computers, with the same settings. Same version of Enscape. Video cards are different, but all updated drivers. All similar specs.

    I've submitted feedback logs, and sent in more images..

    [ContactForm][Tech Support] Rendered Files are low quality / 01094952 / [ ref:_00D0Y1IeF9._5001n1pSLWZ:ref ]

    I'll post the images publicly, too.

    EnscapeView is the way it looks in Enscape. He says the exports looked almost the same as the enscape view. And now, they look like the 2nd image, EnscapeExport.

    So, top post was the same file after being exported, on two different computers, but with the same settings. And, this one is the preview vs the export on this one computer.

    Hi, I'm the IT admin for someone, trying to help them with an issue in Enscape.
    When he exports an image (screenshot) and has outlines enabled, they're much thicker than he expects, and thicker than what is in the live view. He can run the same file on another computer with the same settings, and it looks like he expects.

    The issue started after Enscape began crashing. So, around the same time, for no apparent reason, the lines were thicker, and enscape started crashing. He updated to the new version of Enscape and no more crashing. But the lines are still too thick.
    I've tried updating the video driver. I've completely removed Enscape and every trace of it in the file system and registry, and re-installed, and still the same issue. we tried a different user account on his computer. I've run the GPU (rtx 3080) through benchmarks and stress tests, and it seems fine. My client thinks it's hardware issue, since this began w/ crashing.. But I really don't think it is. I'm out of general IT ideas..

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Screen shots below.. He says these are the exact same settings in the same version of Enscape, on two different computers. The one w/ the more subtle lines is what he wants it to look like, and what it did look like on this computer before it started crashing. The one titled "Alienware Test 1_autoscaled.jpg" is the 'bad' one.

    thank you.