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    Hey Toscano, thank you for your contribution.
    I've just check your post out and yes, it's the same problem! I got them also in other parts of the render, which I haven't post it here.
    I will definitely try this out and will post it here as a feedback.


    I don't quite see much difference with these images; you still are not getting the nice dark shading inside the fireplace that you wanted, are you?

    I think it's fair enough right now. You can see the difference of the brick faces inside the fireplace. Before it has all the same luminosity, making it kind of a flat sketchup image. Now you can see it's different between them.
    But true, that nice shading inside of it seems to still be missing. Under the couch it's there though, which wasn't before.

    I kind of wish I could look at the model too. Kind of fascinating. Maybe I will try recreating a little example of it for myself to see what happens. But I wonder if the actual finish you use on that fireplace interior has something to do with it.

    NoMasCorona - I think I might have found the tricky issue.. Not sure if you still want to take a look at the model, since clearly it's a background kind of issue, I assume.. Just let me know though.
    Thank's anyway.

    jtubb  NoMasCorona

    Guys, I might have found what the problem is. And it has something to do with the image I'm using in skybox. Check these new images out.
    I'm using the same position and time of the sun in both.

    jtubb - Maybe you were having a bad time trying to understand me, since you had my 3D model, but not my background image. So you probably were not having that same "flat"shading on your computer as I'm having here.

    I'm wondering why Enscape is having some difficulty to set a real shading with that image though.

    Anyway, I think the key here to really solve it is to change background, which I don't think it's fair, but it's ok..
    I really appreciate you both trying to help.

    I'm also sending the backgroung image if you guys want to set it in there to check it out. (but it seems the website here is changing size and reducing it..)

    Really interesting problem. That bad and good shading above do look completely different. Have you tried fooling around with the the AutoExposure checkmark - on or off?

    Yes, I did. Tried it in many ways.. But since exposure changes the entire scene, I couldn't "create" or force a smooth darker shadowing in there as enscape does automatically when it is a exterior scene..

    Nice! That's it.

    The only thing is I wanted to have this real effect but in a scene using only natural sun/day light. Or that you look and feels that there is only natural lighting, even if we use some artificial lighting. Don't know how the other shadows would look though.

    For example, have a scene in an afternoon/morning time, with the sun going inside the living through the glass doors, and etc.
    To get that real mornings feelings.

    We don't turn on the lights in our houses in the morning in real life, right? That was I was looking for o make it 100% perfect.

    Sure, no problem! Thank's for your help.
    Let me clear unecessary things up in the model.. Could I send to you through "wetranfer"? If so, could you send me your email address?

    And one more question: Is there any possibility to edit Enscape cutouts?

    I know it can be scaled. But, for instance, I tried to erase some parts of a table enscape cutout. On sketchup, I could seclted ir and erased it. But Enscape didn't recognized and still showed it completely. (image attached)

    So, I've put some lights, but inside the fireplace there's still clarity, like it was not a whole inside a wall, which should have a bit more dark shading, as when I render without roofing it. Also under the furniture, specially the couch..

    My english is not that good, so I don't know if I am making myself understandable..

    I tried to make some adjustements on the visual settings, but still couldn't be able to get the right shading in there, as it works adusting the whole scene together and not only specific places.. Probably I'm not knowing how to do it right. I used to work with Artlantis, and those kind of shading were automatically adjusted by the program (both interior and exterior scenes), as Enscape does when the scene is render without the roof (but turning it into an exterior scene). But as soon as I put the roof back in the scene, Enscape automatically adjust the scene getting rid of those "inside/under" shadings..

    I know that in real life those shadings are different in interior/exterior places. But in my 3D model, seems like enscape softens it too much looking like there's not shading at all, like a pure flat sketchup scene.

    Hey guys, does anybody knows how to fix shading in interior rendering? Why dark places like under the coach or the interior of a fireplace gets lack of real shading? I'm sending 2 images for you guys to check it out, one with roof placed and one without it. Why shading gets correct in these places once I remove the roof of the living, so it became and exterior place, and it lose shading, becoming more like a flat drawing, when roof is on? I'd appreciate any help.