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Please note: Should you experience issues with Enscape or your subscription, and in case of any urgent inquiries/questions (e.g. regarding our upcoming licensing changes) please reach out to our dedicated support team via the Help Center or Support button as detailed here.


    Hello Filipe,

    Thank you for your message!

    It appears that on April 26th you purchased a monthly subscription A-S00073226 and then purchased a second monthly subscription on May 26th A-S00075476.

    Please be aware that all Enscape subscriptions renew automatically unless cancelled, as stated in our store, on the quotations and invoices we send out, and in our EULA.

    In our EULA and on our invoices is also the stipulation that monthly licenses must be cancelled at least 1 day before the renewal to avoid incurring costs.

    Therefore, your subscriptions automatically renewed on a monthly basis.

    Do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions or concerns!


    This is very poor Demian, you can clearly see on your system that only a single licence was used and that the new licence added exactly on the same date was in error. I would have expected better customer service from an established company like Enscape.

    Thanks for your further replies - I am afraid, it may have landed in your spam/junk folder by any chance but we've sent you a response about 18 hours ago. Can you please check those and/or your mailbox generally for any further e-mails from us?

    I can also forward you the reply of my colleague and or re-forward the e-mail itself. Let me know, thank you in advance once more.

    I have checked all inboxes and cannot see any response. Please note my email ends in .co not or .com

    I will PM you my exact email address to be sure.

    Its now been 5 days and I have not had anyone contact me after both creating a ticket and emailing support. I will be raising this with my credit card company now.

    I had hoped to give Enscape some good publicity on Linkedin with the MEP renderings I have done one a £1bn + iconic project in the heart of London but this is really poor.

    Enscape only displays geometry - not lines or points. I'd expect the solution you're recommending of automating. The placement of millions of points will have net negative outcome on performance, compared to manual modeling of a Revit file in order to visualize in Enscape.

    You are repeating what I'm saying and know. I'm looking for ideas...

    Anyway I managed to convert the point cloud to a mesh and render that:

    Welcome to our Forum.

    In case of any licensing-related topics, please kindly get in touch with our corresponding team through - You'll be assisted as quickly as possible after you've submitted your request via e-mail. It suffices if you just briefly elaborate or copy what you shared here in it.

    Thank you for your understanding and let me know if you have any further questions related to Enscape itself or in case anything is not entirely clear. :)

    I've sent and email and have had no response in over 24 hours.

    Enscape as a viewer does not support DXF. You can only run Enscape from a supported design application.

    Better to model enough context with the appropriate geometry rather than scatter "atoms" in your project.

    Sorry I guess I should have elaborated. I am using Revit. I want to export the pointcloud as a DXF file and link into my Revit model to display in Enscape. The idea is you can visualise the point cloud over the modelled MEP services.

    I have successfully done this using Dynamo by placing a sphere family at every point in the point cloud, but it is very heavy. I would instead want to use elements which are less demanding such as adaptive points in place of a spherical family.

    So I created a dynamo script which places a sphere family at the x,y,z coordinate of each point contained in a point cloud.

    The issue is that the family placement is really slow and the resulting model is "heavy".

    My question is rather than a family, is there any other Revit elements I could place at the coordinate and then export to .dxf and view in Enscape?

    I tried dynamo points but cant see those. Also adaptive points but since they fall under annotation categories I cannot see them either.

    Any help appreciated.


    I decided to try out Enscape for some MEP renders to compare with what was installed on-site for some images for our website. I had a single licence and decided to renew as we were not able to complete the task in time.

    I've now discovered that upon renewal, an additional licence was added and we were doubled billed on the 26th of May for 2No. fixed seat licences. Both these licences expired yesterday and have been once again double billed to my account.

    We have only ever used a single licence and were completely unaware that the additional licence had been added until this morning.

    Is there any way to get a refund for this additional unused licence?