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    Just had a quick thought, that it could be useful when browsing the library to have a subtle way of marking if an asset has already been used in a scene. This would be helpful in avoiding repeating people or cars. Might be nice if there was a box you could tick to either turn this feature on or off quickly too.

    Is there a way to create a mirror that would reflect sun rays as direct light?

    Trying to design some sun reflectors for a deep atrium and want to test how the sunlight would be reflected.

    In 3ds Max VRay, I have to turn on caustics and point the sun directly at the area I want to reflect.

    Another minor thing that would be very helpful is having a light grid overlay to toggle on when setting up cameras. I often want to get horizontals perfectly flat, but it's hard to tell without something to reference.

    Something I often want to do is move my camera very minimally in either a pan or rotation, but the increments are too big so it's hard to get things perfectly aligned. Would be great to have a way to adjust these in a micro way.

    One thing that would be very useful is an ability to exclude or include objects or layers from having an outline. 3ds Max and VRay has a feature like this which is great when you have some objects like plants or people or detailed objects that you don't want to have edges on.

    One feature that would be amazing is to have some type of light mixer, like VRay for 3ds Max, Corona and Maxwell all have. Rather than jumping back to sketchup selecting a light or material and adjusting, if there was a pop-up window or something in Enscape where you could adjust lights on the fly that would be super useful!

    Project-level Asset library – The project-level Asset library is used to share assets across environments within a project in LCS. This library can be accessed by all users within a project. To access the project-level Asset library, sign in to LCS, and open a project

    Hey Jessica, sorry I'm not familiar with what you're referring to. By 'Project-Level Asset Library' are you referring to the 'Custom Asset Library' where I would just upload my own boat models?

    Also, not familiar with what LCS stands for? I can't find any reference for this when 'googling' for it either.

    Just a quick simple idea to implement some 'Quick Settings' type dialogue within the Enscape Window. Maybe something similar to Maya's 'Hotbox' quick menu. Basically hit spacebar or some assigned key to bring up a Enscape's Visual Settings, to easily adjust FOV, Two-Point Perspective, Exposure, etc..

    I also really hope these can be synchronized someday! I often use overlays from Sketchup to create more sketchy renders, so it's nice to have the views line up and low angle two point perspectives are very common for architectural renders.