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    Just got to test the new "scatter" function in 3.2 and have a few suggestions:)

    The density scale could be even more dense so that you can use it to scatter grass.

    It would be great if the scattered objects would come out as a group so you don´t have to select every object (in case you want to delete everything or maybe just hide it)


    It would really be great if you introduced dirt maps in the material editor with the possibility of switching between concave and convex (and both) modes along with a way to control the fall off distance of the dirt map.

    And if it could be possible to load a whole other material into the dirt slot it would be perfect.

    This way you could for example have a clean concrete surface as your base and mix it a more used/dirty one on top along the edges where it would be more worn.


    Is there an "infinite plane" option in the works?

    Would be great if you could fill out that void between your model and the horizon:)

    ...And maybe with the option to attach a material to it8)