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    As long as i have your ear, i am wondering if a function to handle the manual process of running scene to scene videos would be tough to add?

    Here is the scenario.

    I have 25 scenes in sketchup that takes me on a path around my building. I am now creating a video with enscape manualy by

    1. got to scene 1, navigate to "set start position"

    2. go to scene 2, navigate to "set stop position"

    3. navigate to create video

    4. tell enscape where to save the file

    5. wait about 5 minutes while the video is created.

    6. Repeat that process 24 more times to create 25 separate videos in which i will then stitch together.

    Even if a feature was added that was not a true key frame tool, but just ran straight line videos in sequence based on scene order, that would free up the operator to walk away while it did its thing.

    Thanks Solo,

    I have a gtx 1080 which I think will do the job, but i am seriously considering adding 4 more of the same. I have been experimenting with Podium prowalker iray and to do what i want with it i will need multiple gpu.

    Interesting that many, many, years ago I posted my first image created with Podium on the podium forum and you were the first person to reply then as well. I believe your comment was "Brilliant!"

    Thanks then and now.


    Hello all, I have spent a total of about 20 minutes with my trial version so I am the definition of a rookie.

    From what I am understanding so far about Enscape for sketchup is that in order to make a video that follows a predefined path around a building using scenes created in sketchup as keyframes I would need to make a series of straight line videos that go from one scene to the next and then combine them in a video editor after the fact.

    Is that correct? There is no way to set a complex predefined path and create a video that follows that path?