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    A lot of this seems to come down to the surfaces not having much reflectiveness/gloss and bump (some, none at all). Although you have used the same color paint for the trim, wall, ceiling, cabinets, etc, it is more likely that each item would have a different bump and gloss. Walls would have some orange peel texture to them and the trim and ceiling might have more of a flat and higher gloss sheen - cabinets as well. I also don't see any gloss or effectiveness on the floor? Did you add a map to it? I'd expect it to bounce some of the light. I would also turn down your lines outline % a bit. The counter marble also looks flat- but that could be from lack of light (see below).

    I can see a light reflection in the ceiling from the "fake" lighting. It's offputting because the main light sources in the room from what I can tell are just the can lights- which would be pretty typical for this room. As Winston above me mentioned, the lighting could use some color temperature adjustment and not just "white". Add some accent lighting under the cabinets to help shine up the countertops.

    Add an emitting material to the lens of the can lights to help show off the light source. Drop a IES into each and give it some color. If you need more fill light, add a rectangle in the center just to help brighten things up a bit.

    I definitely recommend that you include this approach in your workflow. This would save you a lot of time from post-processing. If you are using bitmaps from the net you can definitely use the albedo as maps for bump and roughness maps and tweak it here and there. You can also use the available materials in the Enscape material pallet then tweak image fade and set your color to a white color. I usually download maps then use the bump/normal maps to add depth and realism to flat colors.

    There was a thread not so long ago that helped me with rendering sections. Apparently there is an issue with the GPU drivers and Enscape resulting to section cuts not showing in renders. They suggested to download a much earlier version of your GPU driver. Install it whenever you need to render sectioned perspectives then reset to the latest driver when you are done. Although I am not sure which version of driver as I have forgotten it. WIll try to search for the thread and reply back as soon as I am able. You can also use a paid extension called Skalp.


    So I tried to export a standalone showing three options of the same design requirement hoping that utilizing the favorite scenes as a control for these options would work out. But upon opening the standalone file, the scene does not update. It does not hide the components hidden on a particular scene nor does it recognize section cuts. What to do?

    I am using sketchup 2021 and Enscape 3.1.