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    Hello dear enscape3d followers, I was wondering how many versions of Enscape do we have to wait for some simple but important updates?

    I list just two, in my opinion, simple ones, which would take the rendering engine to a higher level.

    -1) Give the possibility of not showing the object lights in the reflections of the surfaces

    -2) Possibility of giving transparency to the black background of animated textures (to be able to better simulate the flame, the smoke in the coffee cup, or even a person moving without needing to be in 3D). It would easily make a scene more dynamic

    We are not asking for animated objects other than trees and water but at least these two updates which can bring the environment back to a level similar to other realtyme rendering engines.

    Some improvements in the creation of materials such as the falloff of the velvet effect would be wonderful, but the two points indicated above would already bring Enscape to a higher level.

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    In my opinion this problem will be solved definitively, perhaps in enscape 3.6... I have currently solved it by turning off ray tracing and NVIDIA DLSS and working with the quality of version 3.4 to minimize the shadow problem. This reduces light bounces and mirror reflections. I have to do double duty with D5 render to solve unavoidable problems...although I like to stay faithful to Enscape

    ElZoel I've been using resolutions beyond 3840 ever since I started using enscape. I always put the quality of render ultra. Fortunately, the power of enscape and its speed allow for all of this. The problem in my opinion depends on the version of Enscape. We hope that future versions will be improved.

    ElZoel you have tried everything as I have tried. I turned off the settings one by one, but nothing. I set the maximum render quality and always high resolution. Unfortunately this shadow in the initial phase of the animation remains. I solved it in another way, thanks to the rendering speed. I rotate the start part of the animation out of the part I want to fit into the animation. As the camera rotates 90° to the right or left, it leaves out that nasty shadow. I sacrifice the first few seconds of the animation which I then cut in post production. This is the system I have adopted. I forward a video that makes my trick better understood.

    I didn't have this problem before, even with previous versions. I also turned off all raytracing and denoising parameters. Before I had a gtx1070ti and for two months I have mounted a rtx2080super. the problems started since i changed graphics card.

    I recently encountered a major problem with enscape. I start a render and everything is ok but when I start an animation, it starts with the shadow parts completely burned and these shadows move abnormally in the scene. I send video to make you understand better. I also tried with a simple white box and it has the same problem....can anyone tell me something about this serious problem?