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    "You SHOULD be able to pan 360 left to right AND 180 top to bottom"


    It currently works using the accelerometer. On a desktop, the mouse -does- allow moving in any direction as my test on chrome on my machine shows.

    Im not saying other implementations dont have different functionality. I said exactly the opposite in prior comments.

    "but your demo doesn’t function on my iPad at all."
    It sure does on both my iphone and ipad so maybe you didn't allow the accelerometer or follow the instructions i mentioned in my first post. I just confirmed its working fine as im writing this message here.

    "I’ve no idea what js library you used"

    I used an A frame. This was the entire code used:





    <script src=""></script>




    <img id="PICTURENAME" crossorigin src="PICTURENAME.jpg">



    <a-sky src="#PICTURENAME"></a-sky>






    Super simple.

    "It seems that you haven't used other sites ..."

    Its funny that you say that because I actually took images and posted them under my own website separate of enscape using my own html (super simple to implement) and the functionality is -exactly- the same. It seems to me that enscapes code is the same as what is built into the HTML standard.

    Here is an example:
    its exactly the same as how its applied under enscape yet... not under enscape.

    Again, it's a feature (request) not a bug.

    Cheers. Have a great day!

    The point is you have full functionality. Whether you like how that functionality is applied is a seperate and personal problem/ preference. In this case then, its not a bug. It's a feature (or a feature request). Personally, I have zero problems with how 360's work on IOS in this regard.

    That's right. You can only use your finger to swipe left or right. if in landscape then swiping up or down will move it left or right. This is essentially the manual method or alternate method of moving left or right.

    360' panos are meant to be used with the accelerometer of the phone meaning you need to tilt the phone up or down to see above or below (or tilt left or right to see left or right). To do that follow the instructions of the last post.

    Enscapes panorama feature DOES work on IOS.

    (The tour though may repeatedly crash though after many spots in a row)

    In order to get your accelerometer function working on safari in ios, you need to go to the

    - go to iphone/ios settings app
    - safari
    - request desktop website - make sure option is OFF for all websites (you want it to load the mobile version which has access to the sensors\accelerometer)

    This also indicates it will not work on other browsers than safari since those foreign browsers will not have access to the accelerometer.

    As a recommendation, you should also have your orientation locked so it doesn't change orientation when you turn your phone. It will work either way but it's a better experience when it's locked.

    The model itself is seperate from enscape being able to output 360 panoramas. Certainly enscape in sketchup can output this format of render. Its, i believe, the button next to the standard image render in enscape.

    Interesting. I -also- typically put my sun at 30% (plus or minus) when setting lights for internal rooms.

    "Also, you shouldn't rely on lighting using only emissive materials."

    Emissive materials typically shouldn't be used to light spaces. They are only to show that they emit light. I near always add a seperate enscape light to go with any emitting materials. I.e. if i make a light bulb (or tv/laptop screen etc) emit from the bulb to show that the light is actually on, i will then add an escape globe light or appropriate enscape light to light the actual scene around the bulb. Lights are generally a 2 part process for me of making somethign emit to show a light is actually on and the source and then adding the enscape light to do the actual work.

    I found the solution to enable the gyroscope on IOS (but not pan up/down with fingerswipe):

    (Settings – Safari – request desktop Website - off)

    (you want option off – or to NOT request desktop version (it will then automatically request the –mobile- version))

    Tested successfully on both my iphone and ipad.

    When loading 360 -

    It should ask something to the effect of “allow or block sensors” when you load a pano. Allow.


    Separately and not an issue for 360's hosted by enscape, if you personally plan to host your own 360's, your site needs to be https enabled (not oldschool http). An SSL is needed to maintain IOS security.

    Is there a faq on the limitations or best practises of the standalones?... beyond the 1 page about it? Ive noticed that it doesn't respect section planes when switching scenes and doesn't respect panning in for closeups on other scenes? What is the proper methods of preparing the standalones and what limitations need to be noted when going about creating one?

    You can't just name the file that by scene and/or file name only because not everyone renders by scene and it doesn't factor duplicated or multiple renders of the same scene. To be clear it's not hard to code for it (by having incrementing numbers and/or auto-checking if that file name exists prior to rendering) but the easiest way (for the programmers) is to have the timestamp somewhere in the name since it's always going to be unique. It doesn't and shouldn't start with enscape though. They already give you the option when exporting to exe to name and brand toward the client (or renderer). The file name should maybe go along with that variable already offered.

    If anyone is interested, I can whip up a microsoft powershell script along the lines of the authotkey script mentioned above or I can make something similar but different. Also, windows natively will allow auto renaming multiple files and will simply increment them up by number... just select all and rename - then fill in the name you want and it will add a number at the end. It's simply that this is a wasted step (and therefore time when typically in a rush) because enscape hasnt fixed this part yet.

    I agree. I HATE that it auto inserts Enscape into the name. Renders are typically for clients. They don't care the render software used and it's the wrong place for enscape to be advertising itself. If it's going to auto-name then it should use the name of the project itself. I'm ok with the date format though.

    I'm going to add info that I used to help me and hopefully it may help others. I just re-added my very old space mouse that I haven't used in years. I installed the current spacemouse software for win10. Initially the drivers only worked on the demo apps and nothing else. I was able to get the spacemouse -sketchup 2020- specific driver (from the forums of spacemouse) and that worked even though I'm using skp 2019. It also works on my enscape but it's not locking to the horizon or as useful - so I unchecked the box at - enscape window - rendererWindowSettings - input - enable spaceMouse checkbox - and it reverts to the sketchup handling regardless of whether sketchup or enscape is the primary window. You can then further adjust how it moves in the 3dconnexion settings under the advanced settings menu - and you need to have sketchup as the main window - or it will show the properties of whatever is currently the primary active window. I use camera mode, lock horizon and separately the dominant checkbox UNchecked.

    I believe I attached the sketchup driver that Im referring but not completely sure. It was recently in my downloads folder ;)

    I just assumed you would have fixed it at this point. Feedback just sent from 3.0 version. I assume it collects logs from all versions of enscape? It doesn't show me the logs as far as I can see to validate. I have a 16gb vram AMD card so I don't think it's vram related or nvidia related (although I do have a 2nd nvidia card in the same machine - it's not the primary card or the one skp uses). I tried enscape v63301 yesterday and just now that did not resolve the issue.

    It's pretty embarrassing to have a production software wreck so many peoples machines to the point that they can't even open the software at all. That's a major QoS failure and it's not been resolved or addressed in 2 week since it's been released. I had a client presentation today as well and thankfully I prepped for it early. I also upped a 1 year contract today so it has me extra concerned.

    From my experience, it would actually bring people to the forum to see works and see them evolve and see the community input into helping. I actually recognize at least one other forum member on here that I frequently have seen and communicated on our prior render software/forum and it was those work in progress renders were one of the bigger draws of that forum.