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    I 'think' I've found the solution on the Archvision Youtube page. With any download you get an 'RPC' file with it which can then be dragged into a Revit project. Seems like what we want!

    We're looking to invest in some people libraries from Archvision into Revit. There are only 4 options for file types, 3DS Max, Cinema 4D, Rhino and Sketchup. What would be the best bet for use within Revit does anyone know?

    There seems to be something strange with the surface shadows? I would have expected to see some direct shadows from things like the TV stand, fruit bowl, tray etc, were these added in PP?

    I thought I would post a visual we have been working up at Hunters South Architects to test out the new features in 1.9.1 namely the grass material. For us, this is a real game changer and going forward will change the way we present our work to clients.

    Before was a workflow of Revit into the Cloud then into Photoshop but now the ease of not having to open up another project is brilliant. We hope to be using the Vive in the near future in front of clients on live jobs so will feedback then our findings.