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    Hi dan_noviun , first of all, have you tried pressing [SHIFT] while moving? This will increase your speed while being pressed. Next, you can also press [CTRL] - this will increase your speed even more. If that's not enough, you can also press [SHIFT] + [CTRL] at the same time, which will make you even faster.

    Apart from that, you can also double click (left mouse button) any geometry to be moved directly there, so you won't have to adjust your movement speed in the settings for that.

    Does this help? Please let me know in case you require any shortcuts above that.

    Yes, yes it does! Didn't know about the double clicking so that's a bonus!

    We've been using a little bit of Twinmotion for animations and one thing they have in their system is a numbered shortcut for the movement speed around the scene, it would be great to see this in Enscape, maybe 1 could be like 'Walking' speed, 2 could be 'Run' or whatever and 3 could by 'Fly' or something? I just find it a hassle when navigating around that I have to flick back to the settings panel and update the movement speed to get to some areas on the site and then flick it back once I am at that location?

    Having a quirky issue when we reload a link back into our scene and resume live updates it doesn't actually update in Enscape, we're having to close down and re-start the window again? For instance we have our building model loaded into our site however we needed to update the door frames so we flick back, update, save, reload in the site model and nothing changes in Enscape.

    As the title suggests really, is anyone on the forum using Enscape in VR? What are your experiences of it? Quality, motion, any experience of jitter or lag?

    At the moment we are struggling to get a usable experience from it compared to other renderers (Twinmotion mainly). We use it on an Alienware 17 with a GTX1080 card so by rights it should be pretty decent but I'm not sure if it's something we're doing here or what but you can't even move your head without it lagging really badly. I should add that it's on Ultra (something that I don't think should be difficult to achieve on the spec of PC we're running with) and will need to be for user experience.

    Are you sure you're using the version? Please use the feedback button. Need to see your logs.

    Well....I have downloaded the version however when I check the About tab it still says the previous version even though I've done a fresh uninstall and reinstall?

    Don't worry......sorted it! My 'local' version was still set to the previous version for some reason even though I selected to install across the entire machine.

    Your texture image maps need to be mapped to a path where all machines can see/access them? For instance we have a network material library that all machines can connect to however if I had a material on my C Drive or desktop then the materials would be lost on someone elses machine.

    As for people, trees etc, you need to use RPC's from the revit library or from Archvision/AXYZ.

    dan_noviun Thanks! Each sequence took approximately 90-110 minutes to render with my NVIDIA K2200 Card. (720p)

    I mean each single sequence, and the videos consist of multiple sequences, gathered in moviemaker...

    Wow that's some persistence!! Looks great and worth the wait!

    My worry with this is who controls where you go and also how you follow? If someone is guiding you through the building without controlling anything it could be quite disorientating and if you're guiding yourself and trying to follow someone how do you know where they are in relation to where you are within the building if you both have a headset on?

    We're using the RPC's from Archvision in our Revit projects and they work really well. I think we purchased the 3DS Max versions but the RPC is a simple drag and drop into Revit through the Archvision Dashboard.

    I think the issue of disappearing geometry when reloading something is a far bigger issue than having to wait 15 seconds personally. We're still getting walls being removed when the model has reloaded on some occasions causing us to have to undo what we've just done and redo it or close Enscape down and start up again.

    I do second the notion that small things like Detail Lines, Dimensions, anything annotative should have no adverse effect on Enscape.