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    Site Context is quite nice for me.. but I use it for Far background.. It would be helpful if I could adjust the 3 basic colours used in the context.. Building, Road, Site.. They are much different that I use for close area which I modeled and would like to at least make it more similar in appearance.. Being able to apply for those a specific materials in model would be grate

    Yes I agree with this. If you had the ability to adjust materials to certain aspects of the site context that would be a big win.

    I haven't no, sorry I'm swamped with another project at the moment, I've not come across the same problem however, if I do I will use the support for sure!

    We do mostly schools so from a visual point of view, expanding your library of RPC people to children (like the ones you can get at AXYZ and also with Lumion) would be a great help to us.

    Some expanded vegetation too would be nice!

    As per the below, getting some crazy light leaks in our models. Thickening the walls or lowering them isn't really an option as per 'BIM'.

    Just thought I would report it!

    You need to alter the time from frame to frame not anything in the settings. If you've set your 1st keyframe at 00:00 and your second keyframe is at 00:01 it's going to be incredibly quick so you need to extend the timeframe on the second or last keyframe as it sets the overall time of the animation.

    Hope that makes sense!

    Look forward to this, recently had this issue myself where it was struggling to focus due to the small focus distance.

    Absolutely true, but it sounds like Enscape might be able to offer a solution for that. If .fbx/.obj proxies become avaiable, we can tap into enormous reasonably priced libraries (evermotion, 3dsky, model+model and the likes). Objects that require precise mapping (beds etc) could then be proxied in rather than try to force it in Revit.

    We were able to put out some nice results as well and unfortunately can't share them as well. However, it really felt it took much longer compared to a test project we did in Sketchup. There was a lot of photoshopping involved for the Revit project (placing in all the plants and people in photoshop etc).

    Yes the inclusion of a proxy placement would be perfect!

    We use Archvision and AXYZ for people/foliage currently, works well, you have to be selective where you show certain things etc but it really does work well.

    Revit and Sketchup are two completely different beasts in terms of what you're putting in and getting out IMO. Using Revit is more of a working drawing package with the ability to produce images from whereas I see Sketchup more on the side of a package to help show concepts and that's really where the two material editors should be different.

    A lot of BIM information can go into the material inside of Revit, taking that away will have an effect on the information put into the model. The editor for Revit is fine, yes it's more complex than the one the guys have produced for Sketchup but it's meant to be.

    There may well be better images in Showcase of Sketchup projects but I think the big reason for that is due to the assets that are readily available from the warehouse and other areas and the ability for Sketchup to map textures. Revit just doesn't have that right now.

    We have created some great imagery for projects using Revit solely (a lot of which we cannot share).

    It's rendered brilliantly in Enscape for a scanned model which is encouraging!