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    Enscape 2.8, Revit 2021, with a 650Mb REvit model (not that big after all). Video RTX 2070 8gig per screenshot:

    Enscape does render my 6 images, but only on a fresh open. if I work a little in Revit, and update the Enscape view, chances are Enscape will freeze the next time I try to render (it renders 4 out of 6 images, then just freezes itself and Revit).

    Other times, while updating views' lighting or materials, both Revit and Enscape will just quit.

    Did I reach the limit of Enscape memory capacity? but I hear people renders gigabyte large revit models...?

    This started to happen after I added a large amount of geometry into the Revit model, and my model skyrocketed from 50Mb to 650Mb size.

    I have also sent a "Feedback" call, but only after restarting revit, after a freeze. Maybe some of the log files still show the crash?

    Thank you



    Hi all,

    it seems much smoother now.

    Not sure what I did: installed new enscape preview? or maybe I updated SteamVR...

    The fact is, I tested the same scene and it is smooth, now, usable.

    Will definitely check the SteamVR upscale settingm though.

    Thank you

    hmmm... silence?

    Chirp chirp...


    Seriously, anyone using some VR headset in Enscape? How is your performance?

    Also, I read about all the terrific work that you guys made Enscape do using VR headset (stereo rendering, etc.), but my idea still stand: who needs real time lighting in Enscape VR?

    Seriously, I need smooth walking about, rather than having real time lighting, which I may or may not use. We need Enscape to bake the lighting when using VR, because I bet the performance would improve drastically, and we still would have the Enscape amazing lighting solution to walk through...

    Sure, some refraction / reflection effect may need to be recalculated in real time, but the lighting is really an heavy task, and again, I bet it would make VR feasible.

    As Escape stands today, I see little or no use for VR. We are going to need to wait for the next generation of computers (and GPU) in order to really have an Enscape smooth VR experience.

    Thank you



    I have a ROG STRIX, pretty new, 64 gig ram, 8Vram, RTX2070...

    yet, VR on Revit 2020, Ensacpe latest preview is still very jumpy, basically unusable.

    This is not even a very large model.

    Leaving the quality to ultra, can we reduce the resolution?

    I already have the laptop set to turbo (fastest performance) so I am not sure what can I do to improve performances...

    Anyone knows if older Nvidia drivers were more stable? I have just updated them, but still, stutters and jumps...

    thank yuo


    So basically there is no way to save a specific AXO view crop from Revit to Enscape?

    I am actually experiencing this, but I thought I was missing something... No matter how I tweak the crop of my revit axo, the Enscape view does not change... Even Safe Frame is useless...

    So I have to tweak the view on Enscape, render and the next time I will not able to re-render the exact same crop/view...

    This needs to be fixed.

    thank you!


    I closed the Enscape window and right away Enscape in Revit begun to "Export" an update.

    It appears it is now stuck at 11% and iot is not progressing, nor opening a new window.

    I had not saved yet... did I lose my work? How do I stop / quit Enscape?


    Revit 2020.2, latest Enscape preview....




    on my multi display system (laptop with two screens attached) when I use the option: "Capture > Show Safe Frame" there is a problem:

    Once I press SHIFT+F11, if the dialog box telling me that I can now adjust the image to fit the safe frame shows on the other display, then I am able to move around my Escape view normally, then click OK to render.

    HOWEVER, if the pop up dialog box comes up in the same display (that is, on top of my Enscape window), then the Enscape window is locked, as if waiting for the user to click a button on the popup dialog box.

    I am not sure yet how to change the display where the dialog box appears... it appears to be quite random.

    Anyone else aware of this issue?

    thank you



    PS: okay, I figure it out: so if you are in the Enscape window and just hit SHIFT+F11 the dialog box opens on top of the Enscape window, and it is locked. To use this feature you need first to click on the Revit window (which in my case is on the other display), then use the shortcut SHIFT+F11: the dialog box opens over the Revit window and the Enscape window is available to navigate... (We need this in order to adjust the view using the actual safe frame of the rendering, then to save the adjusted view back to Revit... is there a better way?).


    placing cars on a sloped road I realized that the cars are always horizontal, and cannot be rotated.

    Editing the family in Revit, by turning OFF the parameter "Always Vertical" will allow the car to adapt to its placement face (topography), so that you wouldn't even need to rotate, actually.

    Is it possible top have all Enscape cars already setup in this way?

    Also, secondary request, why are cars classified as "Planting"? I changed the category to "Entourage", and they still work... Is this because of the scale factor of the planting category?

    Thank you

    oops, I figured it out.

    Those element's family was defective. There was no material parameter attached to the element material, so in the project, changing the material of the family would not effect anything...

    thank you



    When I activate VR in Enscape, I ALWAYS end up miles from the model, which is tiny on the edge of the VR sphere.

    Transporter does not work, I do not see any target point, or laser beam.

    So I have to slowly navigate toward the model, but I figure I can just select a favored camera, on my desktop, not VR, and finally get into my model.

    Even then, I do not see the controllers, just the left controller menu bar.

    It is unclear how am I supposed to select and click on buttons because I do not see any laser from the right controller...

    Any help? Does this happens to anyone else?

    I know where the VR instructions pages are, I need help with the specific problems described above.

    thank you!



    I am experimenting with my new license of Enscape, and I am trying the VR feature of the plugin.

    The quality is not quite there yet, because Enscape keeps rendering the scene while we move in it.

    I understand the idea is to have real time rendering, but what about an option to pre-render the lighting and texture so that once in VR we can get some serious performances?

    Just like when we render a panoramic view, there is no more rendering when we visualize it.

    Or you can look at video games, which rarely render in real time, but everything is baked into the scene as much as possible.

    I would sacrifice the option to change lighting in VR, in order to get a smooth 3D experience...

    Thank you