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    Hey Guys,

    I am trying to download the assets like I normally do with the new ones that have been added to the library. Each time I try to do it I get an error message (attached). Any idea what's happening, nothing

    wrong with my internet, and I have the correct permission, so I can't figure out what I can do?

    Hi Demian Gutberlet I did try moving away but the problem is if you move too far the effect looks wrong for the type of LED strip lighting. I resorted to angling the disk which reduced the bleed, but still apparent. Leave it with me and I will send over the file tomorrow as I'm on a deadline for this job today so need to get it sorted.

    Thanks for taking a look

    Hi Everyone,

    I don't know if anyone has had an issue with this before and knows what I can do to fix it, I have tried a variety of things to no success. See attached two screen shots. One showing SketchUp and the other Ensacpe. The LED lighting that I have done seems to be bleeding through the solid upright and appearing on the wall. I have made sure that the disk lights aren't touching the uprights and resorted to turning them to face inwards to reduce the effect.

    It's not something I've encountered before as usually my lighting is on the underside of the shelf but it was requested on the uprights for this project

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    Evening all,

    I am starting to get projects in the city where ideally out of the windows I would like to show more appropriate skylines, all be it I know they won't be for the right city necessarily, but with some clever overexposure, it gives the impression that the space is in a city and at a high level of a building. I have an object with a texture mapped to a circular shape which I drop into the model space currently, it's great, but there are only so many times you can use it, and it's not always appropriate.

    So my question is, does anyone know where you can get good HDRI images which aren't taken from ground level but at high level of a building for instance? Or possibly a resource for more of these mapped texture images I've previously used.

    Any other thoughts on the subject please let me know, an example of the skyline I have been using on a recent render and an image of the model.

    Ah interesting, I will have a bigger look into this, I'm so used to adobe, but I'd rather not part with the cash so sounds interesting.

    Ok yer that tour is on another level, out of interest how did you do the carpet texture, I tried to make one like that but couldn't get the look right.

    Weekend of playing around with Vista for me I think, definitely something I need to start using with clients.

    JDD thanks for this link, I've never touched Keyshot so will have to have a look

    Thanks Paul Russam that could not have been a more precise and bang-on-the-money reply

    I've not come across Affinity before, but is photoshop a substitute for this, or is there something specific within Affinity that might be worth further investigation? I need to spend a bit of time getting into the 3DVista trial, the tours you've produced are on another level

    That option of the 3D models would be amazing if it can work with SketchUp files, I guess it's just how to get the photorealistic textures that would be the interesting part.

    Thanks again for the knowledge drop

    Hi Everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience or knows of any software that can link a Sketchup model, or even better an Enscape model, into a 3d Configurator software.

    I have a client for whom it would make sense to be able to show multiple options of finishes for their product (windows/conservatories). I know that I could do still images and then multiple exports and integrate them into a nice user interface, but I also thought it would be great to be able to do this in a 3D viewer & configurator of some sort.

    Is this one step beyond Sketchup/Enscape and is it more of a 3dsmax/unreal type of workflow?

    Any advice would be great as I want to give them the best service I can offer them.

    Do we know yet whether the integration between V-ray and Enscape will be one-way or two-way, and will there be an additional cost? I was on a webinar the other day showing the integration and looks interesting. If you're a V-ray user will you get access to Enscape and if you're an Enscape user will you get access to V-ray, or will we have to purchase both software to benefit? If so going back to the original post by Grizzler our costs would double to see these imporvements. Apologies if this has been answered on another forum post or elsewhere, I haven't seen it so thought I would ask.

    Hi Demian Gutberlet sorry but project work is bit too heavy currently to try out the version, if I get a chance I will try. Is it something where I can send you the files and you can play around with it in house or do you need me to fire it up and do it? Sorry I would usually jump on it but just hard to down tools!

    Clemens Musterle just to add, attached screen shot of model when I load it, compared to what it should look like, not sure what's happening, and this is with 3.3. I need to render this scene out again but every time I go to export I get the graphics warning. This illustrates the fact I have to reload enscape a couple of times to then show the correct textures.