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    Just to let you know that she is about 32mm below the surface when you put her into a sketchup model, one of those which people will hate when they have a large scene and don't realise until the last minuete when they have sent to a client......(that would be me!)

    If you can update. There might be others but thought i'd let you know about this one.

    Hi Demian Gutberlet thank you for the speedy response on this one for me.

    So if I'm understanding, there isn't a solution right now for this, I saw a comment about disabling Ray Trace Shadows, this hasn't fixed it my end so not sure there is a solution for my problem.

    I will send you DM with the file and the path so you can test it your end, let me know how you get on with it.

    I'm running a project where I'm going to do some white model and render transitions. The video export where none is selected exports fine with no issues and looks great. As soon as I try white or polystyrol there seems to be a lagging effect on the video. See attached screen shots.

    Anyone else encountered this Demian Gutberlet  Clemens Musterle thought I'd tag you in this one straight away.

    Attached the video files to look at.

    Any thoughts or help on this would be great.

    Hi Paul, and just to confirm none of those LED effect strip lighting have any actual light on them, it's just an emissive material you've popped in? Only as I always pop in an emissive material to give the physical look of the LED if it's seen in a view, but I then used to add the disc light to then give a nice consistent wash of light

    Thanks Paul, I will be looking to try out some other methods, I think in the past when I'd tried it I got mixed results, but that was probably a couple of years ago so things have moved on, cheers for your input on the subject earlier, that material resize was good just for seeing what's massive and needs saving out smaller.

    Out of interest, on your lovely resi projects, what size do you try to keep your materials so they're good quality without killing your machine, 2024x2024 or higher/lower or just a mix?

    That's good to know, I guess I will just use the disc aproach on those aspects which can't be done using a straight rectangle light, will see how I get on with it. It's the first time I've had this issues, and I've done some bigger more complex jobs (thankfully with no issues!)

    Thanks for all your help

    Hi Clemens Musterle

    Thank you so much for coming back with these points, Demian gave me an update yesterday over email about the railing. This model is a Revit model brought in from the Architects, as I understand sadly Revit imports can do this where it makes them individual instead of one.

    Regarding the disc lighting, I will have to review how I do the LED wash. Part of my reasoning for using this techniques is you get a lot more control and you don't end up with high/dark spots where with rectangle light you do. It also means I can do curved shapes and not just straight lines.

    Out of interest, would there be an alternative solution you'd recommend for doing curved LED lighting, I need to find another way clearly, but not sure if there's a solution?

    Hi Paul, no the background is just an image, no HDRI.

    It's just odd as last night it was working fine, reload this morning goes to this draft settting and not working. Demain has identified a random file name which isn't loading but I can't trace it on my system so it's still a mystery! I tihnk I'm going to remove texture from the whole bar section and see if I can rebuild it from there.

    Demian Gutberlet  Clemens Musterle just wondering if you've got any updates on what could be happening.

    As an update. Last night I was able to bit by bit get the model all in place, and it was working (slowly). Now I've just fired up the file that was working fine last night and it's gone straight to this weird draft setting looking live preview. I can't reload bit by bit each time as I need to continue to develop the model, I need to know what I can do now to fix this.

    Have just sent fresh log files, can you please get back to me today with thoughts or any questions etc.

    Paul Russam if you have any ideas always welcome to hear as well

    Hi Paul, yer I did some digging as I couldn't get the materials tool to show the textures, but the material resizer is a game changes, I will be using this on all projects going forward as I have some really high res textures, but don't need them for most jobs! So far the model is working, but I still think there are some gremlins inside it. Thanks for you help on this

    Paul Russam Legend for dropping me this message, I hadn't thought about the texture impact, I was looking at it from a component point of view, however it might be that it's a component with a texture that's tripping this bad boy out. Sometimes I wish things didn't have a limit and could just work, day and half of work time wasted, live and learn! Will let you know if I fix it and what was causing it when I do for good old learning!

    I've now been able to work in the model, although increadibly slow at times. I have had this come up now as well, I'm on the latest NVIDIA driver so not sure what it's wanted me to do. I've sent fresh log files as well.

    My issue is that I'm going to need to do walkthrough videos from this project, but I'm struggling to even get the model to render at present. I had turned the quality slidder down to draft to see if it helped, but I didn't realise when you render, it comes out as draft, (I thought it would come out at normal quality defined in the output tab) hence why the quality doens't look great in the image.