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    Checking in: Is there any definitive news on what is causing this problem?

    It has happened to several of our employees, on various versions of Revit and Enscape, again just this morning.

    Each time we update anything possible (Revit, Enscape, graphics card drivers...) and it seems to go away for a little while.

    Latest occurrence was with:

    Windows 10

    Revit 2023.1.2

    Enscape 3.5.1

    Nvidia drivers 351.79

    We updated Enscape and Nvidia drivers to the latest, but it would be nice to know the reason for the error.

    Saw this problem occur again yesterday (March 15);
    Revit 2023.1.1

    Enscape 3.4.3

    Seemed to be when loading a family into a Revit model, while Enscape window is open.

    Actions taken: updated Enscape 3.4.4, restarted computer.

    So far, it has not occurred again yet. But this is the same process we took last time (update Enscape, restart computer), and the problem was not really fixed.