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    I'm new to the Revit interface and full disclosure despise Revit in general. I am working on a context model and would like to place a variety of cars along the side of the street. It seems like the Multi asset option would be perfect for this but there is no way to control the rotation of the assets. It's either random or whatever the default 0 degree setting is. I need all of the cars facing the same direction. Is my only option to either manually place each car?

    How do I select the group once the placement has been confirmed?


    I do a lot of renderings for custom residences in mountain settings that require using custom drone 360 panoramas for skyboxes to capture the views correctly. The biggest issue I have with this is the lost ability to control the sky, clouds and sun.

    I notice that the pre-installed horizon images (Desert, Forest, Mountains, etc...) are essentially a skybox panorama without image data for the sky. This allows the use of Enscape's Procedural clouds. It would be great if I could create my own skybox that maintained the ability to use the procedural clouds.