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    I think, for me, the biggest problem is that while creating a video that, as far as I know, you can't edit the PATH of the camera. Yes, I know in the tutorial you state that if you "run into walls of furniture" between keyframes just add a new keyframe and remove or move the keyframe. The problem with that is if you like the location of the particular keyframe as a "still image", if you move that keyframe, then will change the static image. Most other "real-time renders" do not work this way, not Lumion, not Twinmotion, not D5(Dimension 5). Your company has put a lot of energy in the live update in REVIT but making a professional video cannot be done without a proper video editor or a way to edit the path of the camera. This is a 3d environment, you can do that with any other real-time-renders (RTR) I mentioned here. This software does act as great way to synchronize the rendered image quickly with REVIT but, after using REVIT and other rendering packages for over 5 years. At this point it is still in it's infancy stage. I will say that this software and it's plugin has come a long way from version 2.8 when I first tried it. Also note that not everyone has a VR headset and if you need to send someone a simple mp4, It's seems, unfortunately, like this is an afterthought, still. Thank you. My Trial Movie.mp4