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REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.

    I am relatively new to Enscape and I am super impressed with the speed, quality of the renders and the generous asset library.

    The company I work with have used The Wild as a platform to upload Revit modes to for clients to view their home in VR, the quality is not as good as Enscape but the platform itself and the convenience is far superior.

    The luxury of being able to simply upload the model to their platform and any user with a VR headset can view the model and walk through model in their own time without the need to be tied to a computer or be limited by their computer specs is hard to compare with Enscape.

    I am unsure if The Wild processes the model in the cloud or on the headset directly?

    We use Oculus Quest 2 which I understand are not officially recognized, I have read multiple people on the forum have still been able to successfully use the VR functionality in Enscape using the Quest 2 headset but I haven’t had such luck. It never recognizes my headset and I have been unable to use the function.

    Even if it did work, the inconvenience of a client having to come into view a model and be tied to a computer is at this stage making us subscribe to 2 different platforms that ideally Enscape should offer.

    Is this something that is planned or in the works for Enscape?

    Has anyone else used The Wild for client presentations?

    Keen to hear people’s thoughts on whether they think as similar feature would be useful in Enscape?

    I have recently downloaded a trial version of Sketchup for Mac and Enscape for Mac, to test out performance rather than buying a windows pc ?

    After installing both apps, sketchup seems to run fine but I cannot seem to find anywhere to launch Enscape? I have looked in the installed extensions and Enscape does not appear….is it not possible to run trial version of Enscape in the trial version of Sketchup?

    Any help would be appreciated before my trials expire

    Ps I am using a MacBook Pro M1 Max 32gb ram so shouldn’t have any limitations with specs

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for you feedback and quick reply.

    Awesome to hear from someone with firsthand experience, curious to know if you are using a laptop or desktop?

    Also, what kind of projects are you working on?

    I totally agree though, I would kick myself in the instance I have a project that requires more VRAM if I opted for the 3070ti.

    I haven’t used Enscape properly in a couple of years and thought maybe I was being dramatic and that the 3070ti would be ample given the small nature of the projects I work on.

    I am looking to purchase a new laptop for work.

    My choice is between Asus M16 but I am unsure whether it is worth spending the extra $800 to upgrade from the 3070ti to the 3080ti.

    I understand the performance and speed difference will be minimal but given that it is a laptop and there is no way to upgrade the GPU in the future.

    8gb of VRAM is plenty at the moment but my concern is that with every new iteration of Enscape the required VRAM may increase and 8gb may soon be the min requirement.

    I have used Enscape previously on a desktop with a 3070 GPU 8gb VRAM without issue.

    The Revit projects I typically work on are generally single dwellings and not overly large, however the projects are highly detailed. I do plan on using VR functions regularly with Oculus Rift for client presentations.

    I am thinking that the 3070ti 8gb will probably be fine for the projects that I work on at least for the next 2-3 years by which time I’ll be ready to upgrade the laptop anyway.

    These are the two laptops I am considering:…-rtx-3080-ti-eng/15999428…-rtx-3070-ti-eng/15999429

    Keen to hear peoples thoughts :)