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    Hi Demian,

    I think I may have gotten it fixed. At 12:00 AM my time (9:00AM their time) I called Germany and couldn't get anyone to answer the phone. But I was able to email tech support (Mai-Linh Schmiedel), and I'm not sure if that person did anything or not, but this morning it accepted my key.

    Thanks for your help and I'll let you know iuf anything changes.

    Hi andybot.

    As mentioned in my original post I was supporting the OP's position as I'm not a fan of the 'down vote'. That's it.

    I think you get the drift from previous posts.

    Summary: I hate anything that smacks of 'Mob Veto'. It's an insidious thing, and people visit forums to hang out with other like minded people and to get answers. Therefore, a down vote by anyone but the moderator is not a good thing. If you have a total assh*le ravaging the forum, it's the moderator's job to take care of it. I've seen once great forums taken over by a core group of jerks enforcing 'their' attitudes which made the forum unbearable. Up or down voting, unless it's handled like reddit (previously mentioned), is saying "we approve of you' or 'we don't approve you.'

    Anyway, I'm wasting my time here. My original post on a different thread has got me no answers. I even called Germany. I'm really regretting buying this product. I'm done with this.

    Hi Demian, thanks.

    I called Germany about an hour ago my time 1:45pm -8gmt (10:45pm +2GMT) so the office is closed asked for tech support.

    I've clicked on the 'about button' and did all those instructions a dozen time, but I think the problem is when I reloaded my operating system (I wasn't able to load my image file) Windows renamed my machine, so even if the machine fingerprint is the problem. Even though I remove the license key, it still thinks there is another machine (my old os build) that has a different machine fingerprint.

    Thanks for worrying about cancel culture, but this a closed, moderated forum. Not sure where you're getting your "dumpster fire" concerns from. Spend a minute here before weighing in with some slippery slope arguments.


    What I said about cancel culture is a fact and nobody needs your passive aggressive "Thanks for worrying", but you just proved my point by not even bothering to read my post, wherein I said:

    "I've read a few posts/answer here and the small sample seems OK, but most forums. . ."

    e.g., "but most forums" meaning other than this one, but maybe you are causing me to rethink that.

    And now you've taken the conversation in an entirely different direction than either the OP and I intended - you made it about me apparently because you like the "thumbs down" button (e.g., cancel culture) and didn't like what I said.

    A 'Dumpster fire': If I write a long post to fully explain the problem most ppl go to sleep and don't bother to read or digest the information. If I write a short post ppl jump to all kinds of conclusions and answer questions I didn't even ask.

    I'm here strictly out of desperation to get Enscape working again after my system crashed after a driver update (different post), and I tripped over the OP's thread. But, honestly if this is some private clubhouse where I need to know a special handshake just say the word and I won't bother you anymore.

    Your moderator, Demian Gutberlet seems like a nice guy who wants to help, but I wish he just tell me how get my version of Enscape working again after my system crashed.

    I would prefer this forum did not include a "down vote" or "thumbs down" reaction option, except maybe to be used for the moderator/Enscape spokesman where it might be valuable. But to allow it for individuals doesn't seem productive. I just got a thumbs down and the last time that happened to me was on a "Daily Mail" comments section. I mean you can't even actually do that on twitter; the emoji must be part of a reply. I guess it could be included as an emoji within a comment, but as a simple "reaction" with no explanation, it seems like the wrong thing on a forum where people are trying to increase their skill level and trying to get information.

    Just arrived here but I agree. If it were like reddit where responses are 'up' or 'down' voted - up being best answer/content - OK. But having other forum members give a dislike is too much like rampant cancel culture today. I've been on between 50 to 100 forums over the years, and one thing is true everywhere you go: someone is going to answer a question you didn't even ask or give half baked answers. I've read a few posts/answer here and the small sample seems OK, but most forums are nothing but a dumpster fire and the only reason I log in is pure desperation - the last thing I'd need is someone negatively flagging my post. Next thing? Fact checking our posts and putting disclaimers on posts the horde has deem undesireable?

    I made a quick decision based on a review to subscribe to Enscape, I was under pressure to get some renderings done quick and I made the leap from V-Ray. I accomplished my initial requirement to complete a project, but I regretted my decision just as quickly.

    My first call just to ask questions was met with some neanderthal high pressure salesmen who couldn't tell you anything not on his script. Even after I purchased my subscription staff kept hammering me to subscribe. I finally got them to quit after several attempts to unsubscribe and finally sent their emails to my spam folder. No offer of help or pointers to support links mind you, just SUBSCRIBE!

    I think they may have improved their website some, but at first it appeared the site had one and only purpose - get new subscribers. It was almost as if Enscape didn't know what to do with subscribers once they got them. I could hardly find my own account page and subscription. Nothing like AutoCAD or other professional websites, with links for training, support, etc., everywhere you look.

    Apart from the software program bugs, the latest insults are:

    1) where can I find a plain old fashion email address for support instead of using their funky app? The little 'Support' link at the bottom of the page requires a sub-molecular microscope to find, but clicking the link causes a POS app to 'f's' with my email browser and I stopped. It's hard enough to keep Outlook from glitching to risk that BS. I got it – you got me to subscribe so leave you alone until you can figure out how to run a 1st class company instead of some fly-by-night startup.

    2) I did a driver update, and my system crashed and can't re-install my Enscape software key. A totally glitched dialog pops up and tells me I must unregister a user. It won't let me do it from the dialog or anywhere in the program, and the dialog trial button doesn't work either, so the program is unusable. I've been hunting around on the website, and I think I may have finally found out how to 'unregister' myself (or did I just cancel my subscription?), but then I received an email saying I must wait 7 fricken days for it to kick in, that's after already losing a few days with my busy schedule.

    Getting on the forum here, I tried to DM a moderator, but I guess I'm getting very impatient because I gave up after 5 or 10 minutes.

    The Sketchup/V-Ray learning curve may be like climbing a vertical wall, but now it's clear what path I'm taking.