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    EGIE, basically you have to untoggle 'synchronize view', then you can look upwards.

    bsfranza, yup, it is largely not a problem, especially for exterior scenes :)

    but for interior scenes with grid floor or ceiling, by manually clicking and dragging in enscape, the camera is no longer perpendicular to the object/building/scene because it is impossible to move the mouse just vertically,

    you can see in my image (in the first post) where the grid floor/ceiling lines are slightly skewed.

    Of course, you can meticulously adjust the camera so it aligns horizontally, but when you have multiple views, and since enscape does not match 2 point perspective scenes from sketchup, I have to do fiddle manually each and every time.

    hand tool in enscape moves the camera position, where what I need to do is keep the camera in the same spot but just look up. What I'm trying to do is not something unusual or difficult. It is a very common practise in arch viz... Most of the times, it's not a huge deal, but becomes a problem when you have a tiled floor or ceiling...

    In sketchup, if you set 2 point perspective, and use the hand tool, you can pan up and down to see more ceiling/ground. However, enscape only matches the 2 pont perspective but does not sync to the pan/shift movement of the sketchup view.

    Hi franza, that could work for certain moments, but there are many times where I need to look at the ceiling/ground like you are looking up or down, from a specific height. For example, in an office building, how the ceiling looks from sitting down etc. Or in competition renderings where you want to get extreme angles while maintaining axis alignment.

    In programs like Max, you can simply click on the camera target gizmo and move the z axis, allowing you to look up without moving the camera. Since in Enscape there is no camera gizmo, this is currently impossible to do.


    as you know, two-point perspective or vertical tilt shift is a critical feature in arch viz, and is almost always turned on when I export my image.

    Another nice feature would be a button that aligned the camera perpendicular (e.g. front/back/left/right) to the view so that the grid like elements in the scene are 'flat' and not skewed.

    For example, when I render a scene with a ceiling grid, it is really hard to make sure the camera is perpendicular to the scene, causing the ceiling grid to be ever so slightly skewed to one side of the view.

    The only solution right now is to use num pad to align the camera perfectly to front/back/left/right, but again the problem is moving the camera up/down with mouse makes it no longer perfectly perpendicular.

    Right now, the num pad align view sets the camera to 'zoom extent' when aligning to front/back/left/right. As you may imagine, this is not particularly useful especially when you have a scene with large context/environment/landscape. It causes the camera to pull back wayyyy outside. It would be nice if the numpad did not zoom or recenter the camera to the middle, but simply snapped the camera to perpendiculars. That way, I find my view I want, then press the numpad to make the camera perfectly perpendicular to the scene.

    This solution only works when the building is aligned to the main axis. But it would still be a nice feature to the workflow.


    Thanks VStudio , as asked in the other thread, what would be the advantage of that for you? :) Let me know and file this as a feature request to which I'll also add your feedback.

    edit: nevermind :) Didn't realise you can move camera around within the safe frame mode! It's actually a decent solution, so I can work within comfortable aspect ratio during working, and activate safe frame mode to set up the view.

    :) I would think it is the whole point of the function, to have a border/grid/guide of the aspect ratio of the capture visible when you enable the Safe Frame option. Otherwise, it is kinda useless at the moment...

    With the current method of 'preview after clicking render', It's as if your digital camera had a different aspect ratio screen than your lens/sensor, and you only find out if you got the composition right after you press the shutter... So many times I think I have the right shot, only to find out after I click render (and see the preview) that some elements are cut off the screen, then having to go back to readjust, and then preview again and again to get it right, instead of just having either a guide or black border that lets me get it right the first time.

    For me, the bounce glitch happens somewhat randomly in walk mode, like when changing colour or bump setting on materials. It causes the camera to jump up/down, or fall through the floor like you said, or sometimes catapult you tens of meters up in the air. I think it may be related to the 'knee bounce' motion feature they added after 2.5 update where the camera bounces up and down when walking on stairs.

    Same here. Not sure if this was always the case or new since 2.5, but the movement speed is faster in flymode than walkmode. This is useful while working, so I can move quickly around, but not great during client presentation.

    There is also a 'knee bounce' vertical movement when walking up/down on stairs, and it creates way too much motion, especially in models with lots of level changes such as amphitheaters.

    It would be great if there was an option to keep the speed constant between fly/walk and turn off the 'natural bounce movement'.