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    For me, the bounce glitch happens somewhat randomly in walk mode, like when changing colour or bump setting on materials. It causes the camera to jump up/down, or fall through the floor like you said, or sometimes catapult you tens of meters up in the air. I think it may be related to the 'knee bounce' motion feature they added after 2.5 update where the camera bounces up and down when walking on stairs.

    Great to see RTX implementation. Looking forward to the official release. Unfortunately, the current preview build on my GTX 1080 TI (with the latest driver) results in incomplete reflection render, especially for back-side reflections (ones not appearing directly in the viewport). Hopefully a software glitch and not a hardware limitation...

    mirror reflection error

    Another new feature in 2.5 that I find very unproductive is the 'natural bounce' movement in walk mode, where walking up/down the stair or level changes results in a slight knee bounce at every stop. In a project where there are many level changes, it adds motion sickness and unnecessary movements. It would be great if this could be turned off, so when walking up/down a stair, it's a constant smooth movement and not 50 tiny up and down springy movements.

    This feature is also buggy in sketchup when changing between design options/layers. It causes the camera to catapult 30 meters into the air. It also sometimes happen when even just changing the floor materials.

    This feature is common in first person shooter game, but is gimmicky and unprofessional when presenting serious architectural projects to clients. I feel bad criticising this feature as some Enscape engineer probably worked hard to perfect the slight movement, but I feel this is a case where less is more...

    Same here. Not sure if this was always the case or new since 2.5, but the movement speed is faster in flymode than walkmode. This is useful while working, so I can move quickly around, but not great during client presentation.

    There is also a 'knee bounce' vertical movement when walking up/down on stairs, and it creates way too much motion, especially in models with lots of level changes such as amphitheaters.

    It would be great if there was an option to keep the speed constant between fly/walk and turn off the 'natural bounce movement'.