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    Ha, problem solved :) I did not realize that my links by default are opening in an alternative browser that I was trying out (Ecosia).

    In Chrome it works just fine! (on an Android phone btw).


    Hello :)

    I need advice on how to avoid jagged edges of the shadows, if possible. In this scene there is a strong spotlight behind the curtain to cast this strip of light to the floor, but

    the shadow edges look completely "pixelated". Rendering in a high resolution doesn't solve the problem.

    Also - is it possible to adjust the softness of the edge of a spotlight in general?


    I tried successfully to make a Panorama in E and open it on the phone in the browser.

    It works, but is only reacting to "looking" up and down with the phone. To "look" around I have to move it with my finger.

    I have another VR cardboard app on the phone where I can also "look" around in the demo environments, so I guess it's not the phones fault. :rolleyes:

    Is this an issue or are E. panos just like that? I would love to be able to look around too, in cardboard VR glasses for example. :saint: