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    I had a notification to update my enscape and downloaded the latest windows update.

    when I execute the .exe it gives me a message about administrator.

    I only have 1 license and obviously I am the administrator of that.

    when i click OK I just get the options of back or exit....

    currently running 3.5.6 on Revit 2024.

    I am updating because apply assets is causing the machine to hang and crash.

    what's happening here ?

    Hey enscaper's

    I have been trying to find the most realistic grass created on enscape with revit.

    It seems like there is better outcomes with Sketchup but I am a Revit user, if you think you have some killer grass can you show me an image of your work.

    looking forward to learning from the masters.

    thanks all :thumbsup: :revit:

    Hello all,

    I am still pretty new to creating customs assets and not having much luck with them.

    I have a few questions that will hopefully get me back on track as its very frustrating at the moment.

    1. importing geometry

    • I have had some issues with importing geometry where its will hang indefinitely and at times crash.
    • If it does import it usually at an incorrect size, its visible in the preview window, when resized it is not. Would love to be able to zoom extents to get it back in the window for a thumb nail.

    2. model comes in a white box

    • Once the model is set up in the custom asset editor and place into the model it comes in as a white box not the element. For example the table below is a the box not displaying as a table.

    Hoping that someone has advice on this so I don't go completely insane :rolleyes:. Even a link to a YouTube that might address similar issues would be great.

    Thanks in advance :thumbup: