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    To make it available for 3dsMax would be great. As architects we often need to go through 3dsMax to produce nice renderings, being able to use this scenes for VR would be a huge improvement.

    Enscape enables us to produce very good interaction with clients and nice views without investing much time over the time for building BIM model in Archicad.

    But still when we need seducing perspectives we use 3DsMax for populating the scene, making nice materials, nice lighting and so on.

    So I vote for 3dsMax!


    Nice and easy to install and use.

    Will it be possible to save the views as archicad views (and publish tem)?

    I found the trick that will make a material with grass in its name to realistic grass, but I wonder if there will be support for more advance materials?

    If yes will that be through Cinérender's material settings?

    Very good job so long!