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    This was the only error i was able to obtain -Vulkan Error - as you mentioned previously it reverts to a Sketchup Error... Damn Vulkans

    I went back to 3.3.0+74199 (4/4/2022)

    I don't know about it using more memory - i've got 64gb of system ram

    The inconvenience was some Enscape proxy models didnt load up - and i i had to download the library locally and delete library items that still didn't show up.

    Did you use the new feature of Enscape that allows you to create views with time of day within enscape? or change anything about your windows system ?

    Everything worked with the enscape update until i used the new features in Enscape create views and altered my system setup by adding a 2nd monitor (of different resolution) - then the crashes occurred - i'm wondering if that feature is hard coding some canvas/screen data into that scene update that updates into SKetchup and causes a perpetual problem - or unrelated. New files and older files still worked in the updated version of Enscape.

    Hi guys getting better at understanding the dependencies I forgot about the proxy model method used by enscape in sketchup. This is why I connected the issue of missing models after I’d wound back the version of Enscape - I’d forgotten to download local copies of models. Luckily I’d used models from the library in my model. We had these issues when writing the Viewbuild visualisation system until we simply provided a full mesh and texture save option not just a relational save of models.

    Roll back has worked to 3.3 however some objects and materials needewd to be redone - for instance the enscape refrigerator model simply disappeared in the render

    I have a sample file that causes the crash from sketchup to enscape. Even if i save it as a component and load it into a new file it crashes - i do see it briefly as greyscale prior to crashing. It doesnt crash on other models - this was the first model i used the new create view with time of day/sun position from within enscape. I get Vulkan Error: vkc::Queue::submit: ErrorDeviceLost at queue submit.

    I had also updated my monitor setup in between to dual monitors. My system AMD with 64gb and 3080 geforce

    I cant upload the file as its too large

    I'm going to try rolling back