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    I wonder if anyone has tried running Enscape on the computer and stream it to Oculus Quest using virtual Desktop?

    I read that it works when playing games but want to know if it runs smooth with Enscape too and is it possible to look around ?

    Regards David

    Hi, Im about to buy one Oculus Quest in a pilot-project and if it works with our projects we might want to buy 30 more of those but I want to know that it's possible to run with exported Enscape models first. I saw other competitors besides Enscape managed to get it working so I wonder if I just need to buy the quest or buy another software?

    Would be wonderful to get an answer quick as we are about to start the pilot project soon.

    Regards David

    I get a shadow artifact as seen in the attached image. Does anyone know why this is? The model is big. If I go further away it disapears. The same if I move close to a surface. If I change the day of time the artifact changes looks. Im using Sketchup with version

    Thanks in advance!