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    Hi this might be more of a question than a bug. But it seems that the minimap doesnt show any geometry in the web standalone. Is it supposed to be like this? That the full functionality of it doesn't work in web standalone?

    Regards David


    I wonder if anyone has tried running Enscape on the computer and stream it to Oculus Quest using virtual Desktop?

    I read that it works when playing games but want to know if it runs smooth with Enscape too and is it possible to look around ?

    Regards David

    Hi, Im about to buy one Oculus Quest in a pilot-project and if it works with our projects we might want to buy 30 more of those but I want to know that it's possible to run with exported Enscape models first. I saw other competitors besides Enscape managed to get it working so I wonder if I just need to buy the quest or buy another software?

    Would be wonderful to get an answer quick as we are about to start the pilot project soon.

    Regards David

    I get a shadow artifact as seen in the attached image. Does anyone know why this is? The model is big. If I go further away it disapears. The same if I move close to a surface. If I change the day of time the artifact changes looks. Im using Sketchup with version

    Thanks in advance!