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    hi there,

    question, i have moved all my models, textures etc onto a NAS and i have mapped the nas drive as a network drive to "z"

    now i also have put the "offline" models on this drive - does this make sense or would it be better to have the assets offline one each pc OR will the speed of the online asset library be increased so far that it makes no difference using the offline library?

    and when downloaded, can i force enscape on the others pcs to use this allready downloaded library`? or would i have to download it on each machinen and overwrite the stuff on the network drive?

    ... just as info -

    the black shadows are a project related problem...

    with new files/projects the shadows are not black :/ dont know what caused this but anyway... can be closed

    hi there,

    when there is an map "exchanged" inside the enscape material editor the uvw mapping is lost inside sketchup :/ this is bad

    best, franz

    hi there,

    sorry to bring this up again, but what is the status on relative file paths?

    it would be super if it would be supportet and if enscape offers some "help" when maps went missing... maybe it could iterate down the file tree of the current component/proxy location looking for the files?!

    anyway - i hope to get some good news on this one since we operate on different machines and networks and it makes no sense to have duped and tripled...

    >> if anyone has a good workflow or file management for custom models proxies and mateiral - lat me know :)

    best, franza

    hi there,

    currently the sun shadow in the web standalone is pitch black...

    this makes no sense at all and looks very strange...

    best would be an optional slider so we can adjust sund shadow opacity...

    and by the way - when will there be gpu powered high end rendering in the web as a streaming service?!

    most if not all of our clients have zero competence when it comes to hardware and often only have laptops and tablets or very underpowered and old desktops... for these people

    it makes so much sense to provide the web thing as a streaming service from a high end machine - im sure there are many users willing to pay for this!


    hi there,

    i think its about time to ask for a special enscape light lister that gives quick access to all lights and emissive materials and their settings so we can easily switch and alter groups of lights on and off...

    this would be a great help and reduce the cumbersome workarounds needed at the moment to the "right" light scenario for each shot


    New Preview version (for SU22) don`t boot. Fatal error

    for me the same problem...

    Target .NET runtime version: v4.0.30319

    Target assembly: C:\Enscape.Sketchup.Plugin\bin\Release\net452\Enscape.Sketchup.Plugin.dll

    Target class: Enscape.Sketchup.Plugin.EnscapeSketchupPlugin

    Attach to appdomain: false

    Loading assembly by name Enscape.Sketchup.Plugin

    Failed to load the assembly with hr 0x80070002: Das System kann die angegebene Datei nicht finden.

    hi there,

    now that there is made a start with the asset placement, please consider to add a random scaling for the vegetation objects and also please add an option that allows "overlapping" or not


    best, franz

    hi there,

    in the realtime and in the web application it would be super if we could also change the date, not only the time of day.....

    for sun studys and evaluating the light over the cause of a year this would be a huge plus if we could directly alter it in enscape rather then switching back to the host apps..


    hey guys,

    over the holidays i moved my windows / cdrive to a new ssd and also changed other hardware like mainboard cpu etc...

    unfotunately i did not "disarm" the fixed licence so its hooked to the old machine ID and i cant reactivate it?!

    is there any way you can release it on your end?

    thx - best fa

    ... in the web standalone im missing some basic featuers like

    1. change the date > absolutely critical if the client wants to check the sun/shadows at various times of the year...

    2. camera > it should be possible to also use and switch to the 3 point, 2 point, and ortho cams...

    3. fow > it would also help if we could change the fov, or not?

    but most important would be support for layers so clients can switch on off different parts of the model or variations in design...

    thx and all best, franz