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    designconnected > well maybe there products can even be licensed or be made availeable via a additional shop plugin...

    they have their connecter anyway and im sure they would be open for some cooperation :)

    would be nice to have more high end stuff in the library.. > maybe add some nice vegetation from maxtree too :)

    hey there,

    the latest beta is really unstable - i have random crashes to desktop without any chance to report or something.. there is also no log and nothing?!

    most of the time if not all time the crashes happen while i move the camera around....

    i hope this is known and that the next release will have some fixes included :) stability is really, well, handy ...

    best, franz

    well done sir :) amazing work!

    as someone asked earlier, it would be nice to know the amount of postproduction that went into the images and what was the host application!

    thx for some insights !!

    best, franz

    hi there together,

    i can second the teleportation issue... i will try to narrow it in but for now its kind of broken especially inside of buildings... :/


    hi there again - i have tu push this a little :)

    and make a note to the devs, -> the "explicit texture transformation" where we can enter the size of the textures, it would be super if the uv axis location could be respected or if there was a checkbox for it... because often i have to mix maps of different sizes for bump/normal and reflection while making use of randomised textures.. but the randomised textures wont help unfortunately with the explicit transformations...

    check the attached jpg... with the wood the randomised textures fro sketchup work, the metal does not use the randomised texture coordinatess since there are individual texture with explicit transformation for bump and reflection... would be cool to have the option then the repetative look would have been gone :/

    would be super if you could wrap you head aaround this and let me know what and where on a agend this matter will put, if at all :)

    best, franz

    well quite not :)

    these are technically different things and also proper use of all these things has different use cases... but hey - why not all three options at some time :)

    hi there together...

    what about a "render time only texture UV randomizer"...

    could hava settings like this from the sketchup plugin, but work only on rendertime and therefore leave components intact :)

    > most cad applications would benefit from this too as they are also working always with "components" or "instances" of geometry and use the same mapping over and over what looks weired and annatural in renders....

    would be super cool - every option to generate more natural looking stuff is highly appreciated :)

    best, franz

    ps vote that shit up!!!

    hi there,

    looks very nice! the grass is hand made and scattered as some other vegettation parts too, or?

    was the scene usable in realtime vr ? how is performance in still and video?

    thanks for any infos

    hey guys,

    just for info, switching from 1070ti to 2080 ti was a good thing :) the flickering with htc vive is almost gone now... still visible on some mirrorish materials but ovverall the experience is way smoother... also the mirrors are not black anymore :) thats good also!

    i hope for further improvements with the next builds!

    hi there,

    on my honor 8 and a honor 10 and another android phone the qr code works, but i have one client (mobile phone type uknown) where the message says something like "panorama kann nicht aufgebaut werden"

    any idea on this or are there any imcompatibles known with hard/software?

    best, franz

    hi there,

    so without even though gpus after 1060 are officially supportet by nvidia in drivers for rtx features, in enscape one would see no effect? from which gpu upwards can we make use of rtx in enscape?

    The 2080 and 2080ti would allow you to also make use of the new RTX technology, which is now available in our latest preview already.

    hi there,

    i can only second the request to export only currently visible "scene context" / objects .. at least as an option that would be nice!

    hi there,

    some real live experience of the benefits of using 2080(ti) would be cool... if anyone has to report of a change and the results that would be nice because we are interested in this topic too very much :)

    +1 from me... batch rendering

    maybe also make it possible to give names to the panos... currently they all have the same name as the project file name.. :/ its tedious to find the right one with the previews...

    hi there,

    i can only second and third all requests for mirrors...

    we are specifically using enscape to show design proposals to clients in vr and as 360° renders.. and interiors without proper reflections are just really really bad :/

    i really hope that you can catch up to the competition and provide us fast with a proper mirror for offline renders, stills and 360°s and later on maybe with true raytraced mirrors ... rtx etc ...

    its a abstolute must have and should be priorisation numero uno ... and directly after that a generall higher end rendering mode for stills and 360... its no problem to wait for 4-5 seconds what is now immediate... if only we proper real mirrors then...

    i hope you hear my cries :)