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    Is there a way to do infinite planes (like infinite grass) like you can do in VRay? If there isn't is this something that is in the works? It would be really helpful for almost every rendering

    Just finished up some renders this afternoon and then I received an email that the new 3.5 version for Enscape is out. So of course I redid some of the renderings to compare and reflections are SO MUCH BETTER! Woo! Thank you Enscape.

    Hi all!

    I am modeling a stone countertop that has beautiful sparkling throughout it, and I am wondering if there's a way to model that. In real life, you can see these sparkles in the stone, but grabbing a picture online they aren't visible, and therefore aren't showing up in my model either. Anyone have any tips? Thanks!

    Hi -

    I am trying to create bottle risers look like they are lit from underneath but nothing seems to be giving me this effect. I have tried the rectangular, line and spotlight options but they don't illuminate through the bottle...more so just around it. I don't want to highlight the walls, just the bottles - Any suggestions? I'm including some images of what I have in the model, what it's rendering as, and what I'm trying to achieve. I do a lot of restaurant renderings and this is something that keeps coming up so any input would be super helpful! Thanks!

    [Blocked Image:,1000_QL80_.jpg]

    Hi All -

    I'm wondering if someone can help me with a problem I'm having with the Enscape videos. The videos I produce to walkthough a project are lovely but the file size is massive (latest one is 2,688,640, KB). We send these videos to our clients so they can replay them at their convenience, but the file size is so large it can only be sent through Dropbox and opened with a computer (and still it makes the video blurry if it is not a high processing computer). Is there any way to produce a high quality video that can also be viewed on a mobile phone? Any advice or tips would be great! Thanks!:)

    Hi -

    Wondering if anyone is having a similar issue/knows how to correct this issue. I have several materials in a model right now that I am using the displacement map for and for whatever reason, when I get it to where I like it and close out of the material editor, the material appears flat again. I open the material editor again and see that the displacement has changed back to the regular bump map. Any ideas?? It's really annoying to keep having to change it back! Thank you!


    I am trying to create a water feature wall for a restaurant I am currently rendering. The enscape water works perfectly fine when it is laying flat on the ground but as soon as I turn it vertical for the feature wall, it stops rendering/animating like water and instead turns a weird reflective blue color or will just look like glass. Any ideas on how to resolve this?? Thanks!