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    Hi guys,

    I hope that I can share some more helpful input with you.

    Let's say you place an asset from our Asset Library into your Revit scene. It will be integrated into your "Planting" family by default.

    If you want to use a light source you have to use a separate Light Fixture Family inside your project and then use it in combination with the Asset.

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    Hi anneli

    I assume that the normals of your mesh are broken and pointing inwards. Hopefully an easy fix in 3dsmax. Use the Edit Normals Modifier and use the Reset option. Good luck with your Smoothing Groups :thumbsup: I keep my fingers crossed or as we say in German I’ll press my thumbs for you.


    1. The material library only seems to download 1024x1024 textures. Is there a setting I'm missing to download high-quality versions? 1K resolution is not usable for us as our current library is 4K and the difference will be noticeable if seen side-by-side.

    Hi steinah6

    I can answer your first question already. It's technically not the resolution of a texture itself that matters. It's the texel density in combination with a smooth repetition. In case your 4k textures cover 4x4 meters our materials have the same quality level then yours.

    Some of our materials have a 2k texture too. That shouldn't be mistaken as a increasment of quality. It just means that we cover a bigger space with more variations on it while remaining in 1k/m.

    For now there is no function to download any other files then the ones that you can already see.

    Hi @10F1DESIGN

    1. The glass shaders seem to all be frosted or textured? Can we have clear glass?

    Thanks for the request. I take it into account. You can already use these physical glass parameters:
    Acrylic glass: #D2D2D2, Roughness: 0.0%, Opacity: 0.0%, Refraction Index: 1.490
    Glass: #D2D2D2, Roughness: 0.0%, Opacity: 0.0%, Refraction Index: 1.500

    2. If there is a way to still be able to click on the model whilst the Inscape material library window is open like the Enscape material editor.

    That doesn't work. Technically you pick and download these materials beforehand from our Material Library and then use them in your favourite CAD. I forward this to UI/UX to take this into consideration.

    Hi Herbo

    thanks for your detailed feedback! That's really appreciated.

    At the moment we are defining and tweaking our textures for our upcomming release. That doesn't mean that we can fulfill these wishes in a snap. That rather means that we are working on some further and final adjustments. from our side.

    The texel tensity that we're using at the very moment is 1k on 1m which represents the same quality level then a 8k texture that is representing 8m in total. We focus on a great tileability to keep the repetitive look quite subtle. I know that it won't work for all of them. But at least for most of them. (I am up for feedback that we can share to point out any potential blind spot on a bad repetition)

    Tech Talk: The performance you reach with our textures is quite outstanding and the renderings we did with them so far will prove that they look really great. When I compare one our our Bricks (4.42MB) with another one that I can randomly get somewhere (34.8MB) it's technically almost 8 times less. While getting similar results. Some of my projects contain more then 80 Textures and when I think about 2.78 GB of textures compared to 272MB of textures - That might be easier to handle in many scenarios.

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    thanks for the requests. We are going to put it on the roadmap and create many more options of different transport vehicles then only cars.

    Further more I can already tell you that this topic gets a bigger priority.

    Hi Stella22

    the lamps in our library are turned off by default. To light them up you can combine them with light sources as a family.

    The fact that 1 asset can not be downloaded is interesting. Can you remember which asset it is?

    Hi andybot

    thanks for your feedback. That's kind of niche. Of course. But it would be great to have them without these stethoscopes in this particular case. Since they are baked onto the mesh and not only a single part that we can simply detach we need to keep in mind that the ones that we already have will stay like that. I am going to forward this request to one of our partners.

    Assets with variations are already on our radar and are part of our roadmap as well. I understand the need for it and give it on more upvote.

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    Hi JDSD_Arch_01

    thanks for your feedback.

    There is no special tutorial or any one solution fits all technique that I can guide you through.

    But I can guarantee that the assets in our library follow physical rules to make sure they look good and correct in every light condition.

    PS: I am going to forward your question about the marketplace to one of my colleagues.

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    No. Not so far. We want to prevent that every car is lit-up from the beginning on. That's why we plan to release more versions of them to make sure that you can choose the right one.