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    I started using video editor from yesterday. And it was not logic to me with this timestamp/total duration shifting. I thought I don't know how to use the video editor properly. After watching a few tutorials and now I came back to this debate opened a few years ago in order to find out that the video editor is still not fixed properly !!! Pretty annoying :cursing::cursing::cursing: Please fix it !! The users are asking this from you !!!!

    I can agree with jkoll66. This is extremely frustrating with the duration and timestamp. Or you try to increase/decrease the timestamp for any key frame between the start and end, and this affects the whole duration. And assigns the total duration of the video to not logical number, e.g. total duration of 20 minutes or so.... extremely annoying. :cursing::cursing::cursing:


    After transfering my sketchup file from old PC to the NEW PC, trees are shown as white objects.

    I import the trees from Enscape Asset Library. I know that in SketchUp they are shown as white objects, but when I was starting Enscape they were showing like actual trees on the old PC.

    Now on the new PC they are also shown as white objects on both environment, which means they are not rendering. PLEASE HELPP !!!