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    Getting desperate and really need help

    I have a sketchup model that whenever I try to open up in Enscape to render. Will crash and take sketchup with it, I have tried contacting enscape and googling answers and have completed every solution given to me but with no success. I have checked my drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled, downloaded the previous version, edited recommended settings, etc.

    This issue only seems to be happening with the one model so is it something I can do and fix? I have tried copying it over to a new sketchup file but nothing.

    When I am loading Enscape I don't get past the loading screen, I have watched my task manager and when enscape gets to 99% loaded, the CPU & GPU will shoot up to 100% from 1% - 4%

    Attached is the error message that appears

    Thank you in advance for any help